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Modern use of curtains and drapes

Despite all the modern decorations and ideas for window design, the curtains still play a very important role in the interior design. In order to stay up-to-date, they always get new, up-to-date functions. These are paired with modern textiles to give an extremely contemporary effect.
In modern interior design, curtains do not only appear on the window. They aren’t just there to control the flow of natural light. They also work as room dividers and are used instead of furniture. For example, you can very often use curtains to separate an area in which your children like to play.


Modern curtains are the best decoration for the windows

modern-living room-curtains-in-ombre-look

Modern curtains in ombre look from light gray to blue gray to black

Window decoration is still the primary function of drapes and drapes. That has by no means changed even in the current furnishing context. Make the basic decision whether you want to bring your interior design to a higher level or give it a more closed character.
From the practical point of view, above all, you shouldn’t skip the selection of suitable textiles with regard to the light. You need different types of curtains on a window against which the sun shines strongly than on one that stays in the shade more often. In the first case you need textiles that are difficult to fade and in the other this condition is no longer so extremely important.
The other essential factor in the practical choice of curtains is their ability to control temperature. Opaque fabrics have the ability to stop the cold and even wind in the case of leaky windows. In this way you can enjoy a higher temperature in your room.
As you can see for yourself from what has just been said, in many cases it makes sense to replace the curtains in different seasons. By the way, this is a good strategy for redecorating.


Opaque fabrics block the daylight when you want to relax during the day


Floor-length curtains have a particularly impressive visual effect

Curtains and drapes outside the window decorations
When and why does it actually make sense to use the curtains not only as window decorations? A practical consideration could be the price of the facility or the desire to test different design concepts.
For example, hiding a storage space for a seamless look will cost you a lot less with curtains than with other materials. In the first case, you can ensure a classy look at a lower price by choosing the right texture. With the thick curtain fabrics, you get a slightly cheaper appearance for the same investment.

reading corner-sofa-modern-curtains-book-wall decoration

You can skilfully separate living areas with curtains

Curtains are a help for those who think differently
Unsure the closet is right at this point? Would you like to try out in practice whether the storage space division works well in the form you have already planned? Use modern curtains and drapes in the places where you plan to use furniture. It is best to choose colors and textures that perfectly match the interior of the room. Let it sink in for a few weeks and make minor changes if necessary.

chic-patterned-curtains-violet-dark blue

Modern curtains bring a lot of aesthetics to your interior

Outside of the practical, there may also be stylistic and aesthetic considerations for choosing curtains and drapes outside of window design. You can use it to give the interior a romantic flair. In addition, a room design with or made of fabrics has an exotic effect and even brings an oriental flair into the interior. In small rooms, you can counteract room fragmentation by using curtains. They should ideally reach from the ceiling to the floor. They can even be a little longer so that the bottom end rests on top of it. This way you even increase the space.


pure romance


Rustic and romantic in one


The choice of modern curtains in harmony with the rest of the interior

Decide whether the curtains will be part of the background or the decoration. If the first is the case, you will need to match the shade selection to the wall color. It should be the same or look similar. The texture can vary and this is even desirable in minimalist rooms with monochrome color palettes. If the curtains serve as an accent, then they have to stand out against the background. They must correspond accordingly with other elements of the same function. For example, a curtain can act as an accent wall. The curtains, together with other decorative elements, can still make up a uniform concept and set bright accents in the monochrome room. The connection with the light sources is also important. These determine to a large extent the way in which one or the other texture appears and they must also determine the selection based on this critical point.

modern-curtains-dark blue-gold-colored

Modern curtains form a uniform concept together with other decorative elements


Separate the window sofa with curtains

colorful tassel curtain windows

Colorful tassels create an eye-catching look

modern-curtains-turquoise-sublime look

A very sublime look can be achieved with modern curtains in turquoise


If you like it more colorful …

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