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Modern wood-burning stoves are real classics with a rustic charm, but also in eco-design

Issues such as climate change and global warming are more topical every year and are discussed a lot. Scientists are warning that greenhouse gases are increasing rapidly in the earth’s atmosphere. You call on us all to act responsibly and to protect the environment. For example, for heating at home you can choose renewable fuels that have a practically neutral effect on CO2 emissions. Here we primarily mean firewood and pellets, which are also in accordance with the EU guidelines for ecodesign. With these EU regulations coming into force from January 2022, the issue of environmentally friendly heating is particularly important for millions of people across the EU. For this reason, today we want to introduce you to modern wood-burning stoves Ecodesigns and report on the advantages they have in your own home. Stick to it if you feel addressed too!

Modern ecodesign stoves are synonymous with warmth and cosiness at home.

Moderne Kaminöfen Ecodesigns Synonym für Wärme und Gemütlichkeit schöner Blickfang

Wood-burning stoves are true classics when it comes to wood heating

Wood-burning stoves are nothing new in room design and home heating. But on the contrary! These have been around since the 16th century and their practical function has remained unchanged for centuries. When burning pieces of wood, they give off pleasant warmth and create a cozy atmosphere at home where everyone feels comfortable and at ease. They also do a lot from an aesthetic point of view. Every stove has a nostalgic touch and fills the room with rustic charm. Regardless of whether it has a classic or a modern design, the wood-burning stove quickly becomes the focal point at home. The whole family used to gather around the fireplace and enjoy the soothing warmth. Today this tradition lives on to some extent. Many of us like to sit in front of the fireplace and watch the crackling fire in the stove with fascination. This is definitely good for your body and soul!

A modern stove is not only a great eye-catcher in the room. It also serves as the popular focal point throughout the home.

Moderne Kaminöfen Ecodesigns toller Blickfang im Wohnzimmer beliebter Mittelpunkt im ganzen Zuhause

Why are modern wood burning stoves a great option for contemporary apartments and houses

If you are currently looking for a clever option for heating your home, you can rely on a modern wood-burning stove without any worries. This not only scores with its excellent practical functions, but also with an elegant design. What other advantages do modern stoves bring to contemporary interiors? We list below for you.

  • Modern wood-burning stoves are perfect for any home, regardless of whether it is furnished in a country house style or minimalist, rustic or super trendy. They usually come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. However, such a stove does not take up a lot of space. Corner fireplaces are particularly elegant. These models can fit into any corner of your home and are real eye-catchers.
  • The wood-burning stoves nowadays agree on a number of functions. For example, there are models that are designed so that you can cook in them.

Fireplace stoves in eco-design are ideal for any ambience.

Moderne Kaminöfen Ecodesigns Blickfang im Wohnzimmer rustikale Wand dahinter weißer Sessel daneben

  • Modern wood-burning stoves are extremely efficient and very inexpensive. Your energy source is wood, which burns slowly and economically in the stove and gives off a lot of heat. Compared to other energy sources and other fuels, wood is very cheap. All you have to do is find the right stove for your home. Before you choose a specific model, you need to find out in detail about the performance and space heating capacity of modern wood-burning stoves. This will help you make the best possible decision. For example, Ecodesign stoves have an output of 75%. This means that they use 75% of the heat capacity of the wood used. We call that effective and inexpensive!
  • Last but not least, it must be emphasized that wood is an ecological fuel! Many people have certain doubts about this, but they are wrong! For example, wood from deciduous trees is considered the most ecological fuel. Therefore, choose high-quality firewood and light it correctly every day in your ecodesigned wood-burning stove. That can be your small contribution to a cleaner environment!

Opt for modern eco-design stoves and we can all make our planet more beautiful and cleaner!

With an eco-designed wood-burning stove, you protect the environment and make our planet more beautiful and cleaner.

Moderne Kaminöfen Ecodesigns schonen die Umwelt machen die Erde schöner und sauberer

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