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Who does not know this: Tiles or other hard, cold materials are laid, especially in so-called wet rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens or hallways. Here you can only run with slippers and then you slip on the floor!

Of course, tiles in the bathroom and kitchen have their place. Because they are very easy to keep hygienically clean. You don’t want to lay out a carpet in the kitchen. Because if a dollop of pasta sauce goes wrong or the coffee cup falls down, it is not so easy to get a carpet clean again. But the solution is within reach: Simply add high-quality PVC runners from ANRO to your floor.

The advantages

ANRO’s carpets made of PVC foam are so comfortably soft that you will love to walk on them. They offer your feet a good grip and do not slip. The surface is hygienic because it can easily be wiped off. Once your runners are completely dirty, you can wash them in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 degrees. This applies to all ANRO PVC runners.

Versatile uses

PVC runners are best known as practical helpers in the kitchen. They can simply be placed on the floor and immediately create a homely atmosphere. But above all, your feet have a pleasantly soft surface. None of your family members will slip on the kitchen floor anymore. Since the runners are very tear-resistant, they can withstand any household load. Did you know that you can easily lay the runners even in tight spaces? You can easily cut them to the size you need with your household scissors.

PVC floors can be adjusted with household scissors.
Image: © ANRO

But not only kitchens benefit from runners made of PVC foam. Thanks to their excellent slip resistance, they are the perfect solution for all rooms with potentially damp floors. When you step out of the bathtub or shower in the bathroom, you no longer have to fear smooth tiles. With the practical runners from ANRO you are sure-footed and protected from falls. But that’s not all: You can even put the elegant yet practical runners directly into the bathtub or shower tray. Here, too, they are a real help, because they also increase safety in the water.

Outside you can put it on the stone floor of your terrace or balcony and you will immediately have a more pleasant feeling of living here too. The areas of application of the PVC runners from Anroshop are almost limitless. The designs are just as varied. The runners are available in different motifs, so that there is something for every taste. Have a look at the shop and see for yourself. Whether wood optics, tile patterns, floral or imaginative motifs with balloons or flowers – there is definitely something there that fits your interior.

The PVC kitchen runners at a glance:

• the perfect floor mat for the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, sauna, balcony, terrace and other damp rooms
• extremely tear-resistant and stable
• hygienic surface – easy to wipe off
• Anti-slip function
• Washable in the washing machine up to 40 ° C
• Material: foam PVC, the PVC odor will be gone within 2-3 days

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