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The Morgan Lucas Schuldt Reading Series

The Morgan Lucas Schuldt Reading Series brings together emerging and innovative poets. Morgan was an enthusiastic supporter of poetry and other writers; he founded CUE journal of prose poetry, as well as CUE Press chapbook series.

He was team owner for Morgan Lucas Racing and won multiple event championships while serving in this capacity, giving him invaluable firsthand knowledge to use as president of his father’s company.

Early Life and Education

Morgan learned compassion, perseverance, and the value of giving back from his parents. He was fiercely loyal and compassionate towards those he cared about – championing friends’ writing as editor or simply acting as an advisor when necessary.

Growing up at the racetrack with his father’s company as well as later creating and racing for his own team that won multiple events provided him with invaluable real-world knowledge that greatly expanded his role at Lucas Oil Products.

In 1973, Lucas co-wrote and directed American Graffiti, earning him critical acclaim such as Golden Globe, New York Film Critics’, National Society of Film Critics’ awards as well as five Academy Award nominations. Four years later he went on to write and direct Star Wars, an innovative sci-fi epic that blended cutting-edge technology with traditional storytelling techniques.

Professional Career

Morgan Lucas began his professional career when his father took him to Pomona Drag Racing Circuit for a drag race and got him involved with drag racing. Soon afterwards he was hooked and quickly made progress toward success within this arena.

At the start of 2014 season, Morgan Lucas made the decision to hand off control of his GEICO/Lucas Oil Top Fuel Dragster to longtime crewmember Richie Crampton instead. While Lucas still competes occasionally and holds sixth in NHRA Powerade Top Fuel Point Standings.

He has also taken on an expanded role at his family business, Lucas Oil Products. He has made significant adjustments to the sales department while strengthening and broadening research and development teams; now offering an expanded product lineup including high performance racing oils and lubricants.

Achievement and Honors

Morgan Lucas, son of company founders Forrest and Charlotte Lucas, was recently appointed President of Lucas Oil Products, a California-based distributor and manufacturer of motor oils and additives. This new position will enable him to oversee its expansion across a variety of markets.

Morgan Lucas was honored by the Indianapolis Business Journal with an Indiana 250 honor in Manufacturing, Logistics, and Transportation category. This annual recognition recognizes impactful business leaders for their contributions to community.

At MSU men’s basketball awards banquet held Monday night at Breslin Center, senior guard Raymar Morgan was honored as team MVP while freshman Kalin Lucas earned First Team All-Big Ten recognition. On Friday they will open up NCAA Tournament play against Louisville here at home.

Personal Life

Morgan Lucas is renowned worldwide and known to make an enormous positive difference to people’s lives. A master businessman, he also boasts extensive industry knowledge.

Lucas Oil Products of California sponsors the National Hot Rod Association Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series as well as operating a fabric shop which specializes in chassis and machine work for various forms of motorsports.

Morgan Lucas was not only a renowned physician; he was also an esteemed poet, editor, and teacher. Cofounding CUE (Centre for Unsaid Expression), an online journal of prose poetry with its associated chapbook press; being an active mentor both online and off; belonging to Tucson literary community while teaching writing and editing at University of Arizona were some of his many talents.

Net Worth

Morgan Lucas has earned himself an impressively high net worth as a result of his hard work and investments that have enabled him to increase his wealth.

His experience as both race team owner and driver provided invaluable lessons in effective business strategies, which he now applies at Lucas Oil Products as President reporting directly to their CEO.

Lucas Oil produces an extensive line of racing oil and lubricants, and sponsors the National Hot Rod Association’s Lucas Oil Drag Racing series. Morgan Lucas’ family owns this business; he has worked hard to establish himself within it with an exceptional work ethic and always looking for opportunities to hone his skills further. Furthermore, his sense of humor has earned him much respect from around the globe.

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