motoshop basement: Specialized in road conversions

motoshop basement: Specialized in road conversions

In Fornsbach, a few kilometers west of Murrhardt in the Swabian Forest, Steffen Keller has been running his ‘motoshop’ for many years. A good relationship with customers, super service for quads, motorcycles and cars with quick repairs at fair prices, nice contact, professional and trustworthy – these are the reviews on the internet. A customer also said that Steffen Keller always has a solution. This explains why motoshop Keller not only has customers in the region, but has also sold vehicles to northern Germany and even to Morocco. So a lot of praise for a company in the commercial area on the southern edge of town that specializes primarily in quads, ATVs, motorcycles and scooters. Steffen is an independent dealer and therefore has vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers on offer or can procure them. “Japanese, of course, but also Can-Am and Polaris,” says the motoshop boss, who is also an authorized dealer for Herkules / Cectec, TGB and Adly.

Snow plows and derating: conversions

Street conversions: motoshop Keller is praised for its competence and good serviceOf course, inspections and service for quads and ATVs, but also for motorcycles and even cars are part of the range of services offered by the specialist company, where Steffen, another master craftsman and an apprentice work, as well as his wife in the office. “Our specialty is road conversions of all kinds,” says Steffen, looking at the vehicles he will be working on in the coming days. In addition, there are of course conversions for forestry and agriculture, which are suitable for a forest area like the Swabian Forest, which customers like to use as a replacement for tractors. Street Modifications: Dealer Showrom for Herkules, TGB & Adly“In doing so, we respond individually to the wishes of the customer,” adds Steffen.
Conversions for winter service are now frequently in demand during the cold season. “We convert to snow chains, attach snow shields and, of course, salt spreaders so that customers can clear roads and paths of ice and snow.” Naturally, nobody wants to freeze, which is why Steffen also installs cabins for the winter service vehicles. In addition, there are conversions for 16-year-olds who want to be on the road with a T driving license and whose vehicles require variomatic or power throttling in order not to exceed the maximum permissible speed. Steffen doesn’t have much to do with the opposite, i.e. making quads faster. “We rarely do conversions for the sports sector,” he says. “We specialize primarily in commercial vehicles.”
The purchase and sale of vehicles is supplemented by an offer of selected accessories. Clothing, helmets and gloves can be found at motoshop Keller as well as technical accessories from cable winches to new batteries. tpk

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