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Movistar has been running the Movistar Likes program for a few months now, and they have seen results. More than 500,000 people are already taking advantage of this program. They are more likely to post to social media and to share the videos that the brand has produced. You can learn more about the program here. Here’s how to get started: Fill out the participation form. Once you have completed the form, you’ll be sent an email containing a unique code for a special promo.

One of the biggest benefits of Movistar Likes is that it gives you a chance to interact with your favorite characters. Fans can meet their favorite actors and celebrities, or ask questions about their favorite content. The program is free, and there’s no catch! It’s the easiest way to get started using it. In addition to exclusive offers and promotions, you can also get a chance to win prizes.

You can enter the competition to win prizes or participate in exclusive activities. There are so many ways to win and become a part of the program. You can win a VIP experience with a Spanish cycling champion or a cooking class with renowned chef Ferran Adria. You can even get signed movie posters from your favorite stars. There’s even a program for kids, where you can win a prize that involves flying a drone.

Whether you’re a sports fan or an avid fan, Movistar Likes is sure to impress. Unlike traditional social networks, Movistar Likes is not only for adults. Youngsters can participate in cooking classes with Ferran Adria, meet movie characters, and even get their favorite movies signed. There’s also a special program for kids that allows them to win prizes, including posters by the stars of their favorite films.

The new program has evolved from its basic principles in the past, and has since been sofistified. Today, Movistar Likes is a social media loyalty program that is built on a system of sorting. Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive access to exclusive experiences and receive a discount on terceros. If you are an active fan of Movistar, sign up for the free trial and see what happens.

The program is not just for adults. Kids can participate, too. They can even visit movies and meet their favorite characters. Those who are not into movies can participate, but they can also participate in cooking classes taught by Ferran Adria. If you’re into flying robots, you can even win prizes from a video game called Drones. The benefits are almost limitless. You can’t go wrong with Movistar Likes.

The platform has an online community of millions of users. Its community is divided into two sections, one for adults and one for children. The younger audience is the most active, and this demographic makes up 45.56% of all users. It is important to know that the younger users are the most active. The younger they are, the more likely they are to be exposed to the program. If they have a good time with the program, they’ll be successful.

In addition to the benefits offered by Movistar Likes, the program also offers experiences for little ones. Kids can cook with Ferran Adria, and meet their favorite TV or movie star. They can even fly with drones. And if you’re a big fan, you can buy Star Wars merchandise or meet your idols. In addition to these, you can also get star merch from the movies they love.

The benefits of Movistar Likes are not limited to adults. For children, the program offers cooking classes with Ferran Adria, and there are many other activities that promote creativity. The program also has prizes for young people, including Star Wars posters and prizes. These programs are a great way to increase the number of followers on your social media pages. If you are a fan, you’ll have access to some exclusive benefits.

You can also follow your favorite athletes. If you’re a cyclist, you can use Movistar Likes to follow their favorite athletes. And if you’re an amateur, you can join the ProAm program to win a variety of prizes. Besides prizes, you can also win exclusive experiences, such as free bike rides. You can even get free tickets to races, concerts, and sporting events.

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