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Mystikal Height, Weight, Age and Net Worth

Mystikal was born September 22nd 1970 and is renowned rapper with an enormous net worth and great acting capabilities.

His debut self-titled album Mystikal was released under Big Boy Records in 1994, followed by 1998’s Ghetto Fabulous and in 2001’s Tarantula.

Early Life and Education

Michael Lawrence Tyler was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on 22 September 1970 to Marie Tyler after his father, who ran a small neighborhood store, passed away when he was only seven. Marie raised Michael and Michelle alongside one another until Michael eventually attended Cohen High School before joining the US Army where he took psychology and business courses.

In 1996, Tyler signed with No Limit Records and appeared on several albums such as Unpredictable in 1997 and Ghetto Fabulous in 1998 before leaving in 2000. Tyler has two children named Million and My’chelle Tyler but keeps their mothers’ identities under wraps.

He is straight and is currently in a one-year relationship with Nivea Hamilton; they had also briefly hooked up during this timeframe with The Vixen Diaries author Karrine Steffans.

Professional Career

Michael Lawrence Tyler, better known by his stage name Mystikal, is an American rapper born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After serving for one year during the Gulf War in the US Army, Mystikal launched his music career with No Limit Records and Master P, leading to widespread success and fame across America.

He made his debut with the album Mind of Mystikal in 1995, earning gold certification by the RIAA. Additionally, Unpredictable was released later that same year and he continued appearing on No Limit albums until finally leaving their roster in 2000.

He has had numerous run-ins with the law and been jailed multiple times; ultimately serving six years for sexual battery and extortion charges. Although currently single, My’chelle Tyler and Million Tyler Tyler remain his dependents.

Achievement and Honors

Michael Lawrence Tyler aka Mystikal made his musical debut with Big Boy Records of New Orleans releasing a self-titled album that year.

Mystikal’s album proved an enormous success and quickly made him one of the leading rappers, touring and recording with various artists including Lil Wayne. Mystikal also appeared in movies such as 13 Dead Men.

Mystikal has two children; Million and My’chelle. As a rapper, Mystikal is famous for engaging in feuds with other rappers and producing diss tracks about them. A Christian, Mystikal wears size 11 shoes. Recently he became part of Mark Ronson’s crazy nostalgia pop game; after emerging unscathed from Birdman’s iron fist this past year, Mystikal seemed poised for accidental success.

Personal Life

Mystikal initially joined the United States Army as a combat engineer before switching careers once he met hip hop group Run-D.M.C and rapper Doug E. Fresh. At Cohen High School he studied psychology and business classes before embarking on his musical journey.

Mind of Mystikal was released as his debut album in 1994 and signed to Master P’s No Limit Records shortly thereafter, appearing on many albums from them until leaving in 2000.

Mystikal is currently single with two children – a son named Million and daughter My’chelle – whom are represented by Rob Shaw, Shaw Management LLC. He was involved briefly with author Karrine Steffans before they parted ways; additionally he has an intricate rose tattooed onto his right shoulder.

Net Worth

Mystikal is a well-known American rapper with an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $2 Million. His wealth comes from both his musical career as well as acting roles in TV shows and films.

Since 2003, he has released six albums that have enjoyed both commercial success and critical acclaim, earning gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America for several of these.

He remains single and has never married, though he did have a brief romantic encounter with singer Nivea in 2000. Additionally, it is believed he has two children (a daughter named Million Tyler and son named Million Tyler), yet their baby mamas remain unknown. Additionally, he adheres to Christianity as his religious and ideological faith of choice.

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