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Natural-looking planks radiate a lot of warmth and unmistakable charm

If you have a city apartment on the top floor or a villa in the country, then you are certainly a fan of the country house style and appreciate its rustic look and natural charisma. Among the current living trends, this furnishing style is most notable for its warmth and nature-loving charm. It’s been popular for years and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. On the contrary, you could say he’s making his big comeback right now. The country house style will certainly continue to convey peace and security and make our houses appear warm and cozy. Many people like this style because it reminds them of times long past and enchants everyone with perfect harmony and inner calm in the design. In an ambience in the country house style, everyone feels calm and in good hands and enjoys the natural charisma of their home.

natürliche Wärme und rustikalen Charme

Every ambience in the country house style exudes natural warmth and rustic charm.

In a country house, wood can be seen everywhere. This is the natural material most used in the country house style, because it is visually appealing, easy to use and durable. The whole furniture is made of real wood and impresses with its rustic look. The walls could also be clad with wood and radiate warmth. Even the smallest home accessories are made of wood and complement the stylish room design in a country house style. But what really steals the show in such an ambience is undoubtedly the floor made of natural-looking country house planks. We now want to pay more attention to these and report below why they are among the must-haves in country house style.

Naturholz Innendesign

Natural wood is widely used in interior design because it creates a unique and very calming atmosphere.

Fußboden aus Landhausdielen

Bring nature into your home with a floor made of country house planks.

  • Planks and their advantages in the parquet area

When choosing a floor, there are always different options. But of course the parquet floor fits best in a rural ambience. Very special this one made of plank flooring. These score points with their natural look, easy installation and maintenance. They create a pleasant and natural room atmosphere that has a positive effect on our senses and our health. In specialist shops, but also online, you can find natural-looking planks that are made in different formats, colors and made of different types of wood. The wood used for their production always comes from sustainable forestry and is certified. You could choose between oak, pine, beech and other woods. In most cases, the type of wood determines the grain and color of the plank. Their color palette ranges from light brown to gray to dark brown. All nuances are particularly appealing, so that every customer can find the most suitable for their home.


Often you play with colors and grain!

The look and feel of the natural-looking planks are right and meet the needs of modern customers. They are constructed as multi-layer prefabricated parquet, with the so-called wear layer on top. The surface structure is treated so that you can walk over it barefoot and feel a pleasant feeling of naturalness. Hand-planed and artificially aged surfaces make up the vintage look, which is becoming more and more popular. These planks look extremely robust, at the same time, like all country house planks, they are durable and scratch-resistant, which adds even more advantages to their excellent properties.

Wohnzimmer Ideen Parkett

You can go barefoot and feel a pleasant feeling of naturalness.

  • Laying and maintaining plank parquet

If you want to enjoy your country house floorboards for a long time, then you first have to lay the parquet correctly, or rather, have it laid. There are competent parquet layers who would be happy to help you on site.

wohnzimmer parkett und haus dekoration

Rely on the competence and specialist knowledge of professional parquet installers.

We all know that parquet changes color over the years. Therefore it has to be cleaned and oiled regularly. For this you can again rely on professional help. In this way you maintain your planks and can enjoy their warm and natural look for years. Find out about high quality cleaning and care products for country house tiles. With regular use, you can count on an easy-care wooden floor for a long time, which will even become more beautiful over the years.

The editors wish you lots of fun and success in choosing, laying and maintaining your wooden flooring.

Wohndesign Tolles Moderne Dekoration Fussboden Parkettbereich

Laying plank flooring is not for everyone.

Moderne Dekoration Parkettboden

There are currently country house planks that can also be used in damp rooms.

Naturmaterialien im Interieur verbreiten Wärme und rustikalen Charm

Natural materials in the interior spread warmth and rustic charm and are inviting.

Moderne Wohnzimmer Boden Laminat

Create a modern and cozy home where you like to stay!

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