Nevaeh Adams

Nevaeh Adams’ Family Hopes For Closure on Thursday as the Suspect in Her Murder Goes on Trial

On Thursday, the family of a five-year-old South Carolina girl hopes for closure as the suspect in her murder and that of her mother goes on trial.

Daunte Johnson was arrested after being suspected of killing Sharee Bradley and Nevaeh Bradley-Nelson at their apartment complex in Sumter in August 2018. He confessed to authorities about the murders, telling them he threw Nevaeh’s body away in a dumpster.

Early Life and Education

Nevaeh Adams was described by her family as being lively and vibrant; five-year-old Daunte Johnson, her mother’s ex-partner at Lantana Apartments was accused of stabbing her to death and placing the body into a dumpster at that complex.

Searches were ongoing for two months until, on Friday, crews at Richland Landfill discovered human remains on Screaming Eagle Road that were later confirmed as belonging to little Nevaeh by DNA analysis.

Dupray Adams spoke with reporters shortly after her discovery and expressed relief that he no longer has to worry about his daughter. Adams expressed his thanks and appreciation to all those involved with helping to find his daughter, including those who signed her picture and provided information.

Professional Career

As soon as five-year-old Nevaeh Lashay Adams went missing in August, an extensive search team from across the state and various agencies united in an attempt to locate her. Their resources and costly price tag made this task increasingly challenging.

Police believe they have identified a body found at Richland Landfill on Screaming Eagle Road in Sumter, South Carolina as that of Nevaeh Bradley who has been missing since March 21. She had also been placed in a dumpster by Sharee Bradley who they suspect killed both parents, according to authorities.

Dupray Adams joined Sumter Police Chief Russell Roark at a news conference to express his thanks and find peace in knowing Nevaeh is in a better place.

Achievement and Honors

Nevaeh Trelawney is an exceptional seer. Her ability to predict future events made her an indispensable member of Inferno and was especially useful to Galen Ollivander in his works.

Dupray Adams remembers Nevaeh fondly as a wonderful child; yet despite all her good deeds for others, it brings sadness that she has passed on.

Personal Life

Nevaeh Adams’ family have shed many tears since her disappearance last August. Sharee Bradley was found dead at her apartment complex; police believe Daunte Johnson stabbed and put Nevaeh into a dumpster before leaving both bodies there for burial. Johnson has since been charged with both their deaths.

Searching for Nevaeh required an army of 392 people wearing protective gear and using rakes to carefully search through millions of pounds of trash containing human waste, air-borne pathogens, asbestos fibers, nails and wires – DNA testing confirmed it as her remains were found at Richland Landfill in Sumter County South Carolina where they had been interred – while an ongoing lawsuit alleging their liability is underway against Richland Landfill for Nevaeh’s demise has also been filed against this facility for her demise.

Net Worth

He is an established social media influencer and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth estimated to be around $1 Million. His videos on pellet guns have garnered him many subscribers on YouTube.

Dupray Adams, Nevaeh’s father, provided an interview to WIS-TV after police announced her presumed death and expressed his thanks and relief at knowing his daughter has left this earthly realm.

Markeshia Johnson is still in custody on multiple counts of murder charges related to the girl’s killing, as well as being accused of killing another woman earlier this year in St Louis.

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