New 3D license plates on the market

Nothing has changed on the car license plate market for a long time, but since the end of 2013 there has been a novelty: the 3D license plate. Here you can find out what the difference to conventional license plates is and what the advantage of a 3D license plate is.


MarkThe “normal” license plate: characteristics and reservation

The license plate belongs to the car like the TÜV sticker and the first aid kit. It is important for driver identification in the event of accidents or speed cameras. The important features of the license plate are:

  • It consists of a maximum of eight characters: three for the state-specified distinguishing sign (administrative district), up to five for the individual identification number (over 7 million possible combinations of one to two letters and up to four digits)
  • Combinations of letters must not “violate common decency”
  • Lettering must be printed in black on white in the so-called FE font (which makes counterfeiting more difficult).
  • TÜV badge, a sticker with the federal state and registration office, blue euro bar

There are also special identifiers that have different meanings:

  • Red license plates for dealers and workshops
  • Green number plates for tax-exempt vehicles used in agriculture
  • Diplomatic plates start with a zero
  • License plates with the inscription BD 1-26 are government cars of the federal government and ministries

Custom license plates can be reserved online and ordered cheaply here.

The new 3D license plates

So they have been around since the end of last year: 3D license plates. Of course, you don’t need 3D glasses from the cinema for this, the license plates are only produced in three-dimensional optics. In addition, the license plates are only as long as is legally required for the respective combination. (at least 300mm) Here are all the advantages of the new badges at a glance:

  • greater flexibility thanks to high-tech plastics
  • high quality, no more corrosion
  • Environmentally friendly, since only 1/7 CO2 is consumed compared to aluminum sign production
  • innovative design that stands out and gets noticed
  • Easy to assemble thanks to innovative fastening options
  • Letters are dyed to be UV resistant, so they won’t fade or scratch
  • Greater stability thanks to abrasion-resistant letters and colored materials

However, the 3D badges are more expensive than the normal license plates. A 3D license plate costs EUR 24.95, i.e. EUR 49.90 per car plus EUR 4.60 shipping.

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