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New autumn decoration ideas: pumpkins on stands for indoors and outdoors

Autumn is just around the corner and the colorful season starts in just a few days, depending on the calendar. Regardless of that, everything around looks colorful and full of good humor. Autumn is actually here! Therefore, various autumn decoration ideas are currently of interest to us. We want to help you in this regard, which is why we are sharing clever decorating tips that bring the charm of autumnal nature into your four walls. Without a doubt, pumpkins of all possible colors and sizes are an essential part of any home decor. In fact, it is difficult for anyone to imagine these without pumpkins. Therefore, with today’s article, we want to encourage you to decorate with pumpkins both indoors and outdoors. Have you already thought of pumpkins on stands? Here you will find numerous ideas on how to arrange them and make them an eye-catcher. Stick with it and get inspired for new autumn decorations with pumpkins!

Pumpkins on stands are eye-catching.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko auf dem Kaffeetisch weißer Marmorständer weißer Kürbis bunte Herbstblätter rote Wildbeeren

It is hard to imagine a stylish autumn decoration without them.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko verschiedene Ständer aus Messing kleine Kürbisse

Why are pumpkins on stands the perfect autumn decoration?

From the beginning of the autumn season to Thanksgiving and Halloween, pumpkins are at the center of every decoration. Actually, they cannot be imagined without them. With their rounded shapes and autumn colors, they are ideal for decorating. In addition, they spread a lot of warmth and cosiness in every ambience, which is actually needed on cool autumn days. If you are expecting visitors or have a party at home or in the garden, you can literally put together great arrangements with pumpkins on stands at the last minute. You can find out what you need for this in the next few lines.

Give an old stand a second chance and decorate it with pumpkins.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko alter Ständer aus Holz zweite Chance bekommen kleine Kürbisse darauf arrangieren grüne Zweige

A large wooden bowl would also be very suitable for your autumn arrangement.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko große Holzschüssel ein großer Kürbis darauf Blätter Eicheln Pilze

What do you need for an autumn decoration with pumpkins on a stand?

You certainly already have everything you need for this at home or outside in the garden. First and foremost, you need pumpkins, which you choose according to your decoration concept depending on the size and color. Then take an ordinary cake stand. It can also be retro, rustic or very modern. It doesn’t play a big role in your beautiful autumn decoration with pumpkins. The only important thing is that its style inscribes itself well in your home. You can also use an étagère from grandma’s times here. But only if it goes well with the overall decoration concept for autumn. In addition to pumpkins and stands, you also need autumn leaves, acorns, rose hips and perhaps physalis flowers. Beautiful autumn flowers and other sheaves of nature are undoubtedly one of them. You can only start decorating when you have all of this ready.

You really don’t need much for this beautiful autumn decoration.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko alter grauer Ständer ein grauer Kürbis darauf zwei kleinere weiße unten platziert Wildbeere grüne Blätter

Pumpkins on stands also add autumn charm to the hallway.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko weiße Kürbisse auf Tisch oder Kommode im Flur arrangiert vor dem Spiegel mit Wildbeeren und grünen Blättern arrangiert

After you’ve got all the supplies you need, start decorating! There are no rules for this, almost anything you like is allowed here. Just put one or a few pumpkins (according to their size and your design concept!) On a stand and you already have the center of your decoration. Continue working with colorful autumn leaves, flowers such as hydrangeas or autumn asters, decorate with physalis flowers and rose hips and create your own masterpiece! To add the finishing touch to your autumnal decoration, add a little green, for example evergreen boxwood branches are just perfect for this purpose!

In addition to pumpkins, stands and gifts of autumn nature, you still need a lot of imagination.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko schöne Idee im rustikalen Stil weißer Kürbis als Zentralstück grüne Blätter weitere kleinere Kürbisse

For a special wedding celebration, you can spray a pumpkin with shine and instantly turn it into a highlight.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko tolles Arrangement zu Hause im rustikalen Stil

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko festliches Tischarrangement Hochzeit Herbstfeier Kürbis mit Glitzer geschmückt Hingucker

Hydrangeas decorate this autumn decoration with pumpkins on stands.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko Hortensien orangenfarbene Kürbisse schönes Arrangement leicht nachzumachen

Extra tip: You have several options for preparing the pumpkins. They can be painted, decorated with glitter, varnished or hollowed out and arranged with flowers. The following video shows exactly how this works and how you can do it well:

You can even make the pumpkins for your autumn decorations yourself, for example master them out of velvet. So you can take them out every year in autumn and put them at the center of your decoration indoors and / or outdoors.

With artificial pumpkins you can create great arrangements every autumn.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko künstliche Kürbisse aus Samt verschiedene Farben tolles Arrangement viele bunte Blätter herbstliche Naturgaben

An arrangement with an artificial pumpkin can also be retro!

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko künstlicher Kürbis in Türkis Wildbeeren Herbstblätter Retro Stil

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko jedes Jahr im Herbst künstliche Kürbisse arrangieren üppige Deko kreieren

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko in warmen Herbstfarben künstliche Kürbisse arrangieren üppige Deko kreieren

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko im Retro Stil vor dem Spiegel künstliche Kürbisse arrangieren üppige Deko kreieren

Where does such an arrangement with pumpkins on stands fit?

For example, place the cake stand or cake stand on the dining table in the kitchen or on a side table in the living room so that they can see them clearly from all sides. Of course, such an autumnal decoration with pumpkins also cuts a fine figure on the mantelpiece or window sill. Not to mention the terrace or the covered veranda. Because pumpkins on stands are perfect for stylish autumn decorations not only inside, but also outside.

Carefully choose the place where you put pumpkins on stands.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko interessantes Arrangement in der Küche auf der Arbeitsplatte in der Ecke

This decoration fits very well both indoors and outdoors.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko schönes Arrangement für den Garten Ständer aus Metall in Weiß gestrichen

The fireplace can also be made an eye-catcher in the room with a festive decoration with pumpkins.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko den Kamin herbstlich dekorieren zum Blickfang machen

Pumpkins on stands are wonderful table decorations for weddings and other festive occasions in autumn.

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko mit Glitzer besprüht wunderbare Tischdeko Hochzeit Rosen daneben

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko festliche Tischdeko Kürbis als Blickfang leicht nachzumachen

Let yourself be further inspired by our ideas for copying!

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko einfache Idee leicht nachzumachen Kürbis immergrüne Blätter

Kürbisse auf Ständer Herbstdeko tolles Arrangement für drinnen weiße und grüne Kürbisse dekorative Eule

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