New driver: Which car and insurance?

Vexcash, a short-term loan broker, has created a nice novice driver infographic. It is interesting that the majority of young drivers still rely on the Golf – followed by the Skoda Fabia and the Ford Fiesta. On average as a 6-year-old used car with around 80,000 kilometers on the clock and 69 hp.

As a novice driver, you are now in agony: the average 3,900 euros for the purchase of a vehicle can possibly be spent on a used one. On the other hand, financing is also very exciting at the moment thanks to low interest rates. If you set the down payment a little higher here, you can finance a small car that is brand new and for which you usually have little budget for repairs. In our guide portal, we have already covered a number of topics about buying a new car, which Vexcash has also thought of: on the one hand everything you need to know about liability, comprehensive insurance and fully comprehensive insurance, on the other hand basic rules for the test drive.
So when it comes to insurance, you should definitely compare offersa telematics tariff use, maybe with one second car policy save the parents and later eventual Adopt no-claims classes from (grand)parents or basically vehicles with low type class shortlist. When the time comes, you should also read our article on the vehicle registration process!

Infographic: Vexcash
This article was created in cooperation with Vexcash.

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