New slippers from Maxxis: CST-Land Dragon

Maxxis International Germany introduces three new profiles from sister brand CST for 4×4 vehicles. The all-terrain specialist Land Dragon CL-18 for use on changing surfaces is available in seven common dimensions. For the first time in Europe, this profile is available in a racing version as the CL-18M for the sports sector. In contrast, the new C-888 allows excellent traction even in the most difficult terrain. All three profiles have E4 approval, POR identification and are available from stock.
This year, CST is following suit as the second brand in sales at Maxxis International Germany with tires for 4×4 vehicles. The Land Dragon CL-18 trumps with its shovel-like arrangement of the tread blocks and the flexible, diagonal tire structure in the 4X4 vehicles as a specialist in the all-terrain area with changing surfaces. In terms of technical tire parameters, it impresses with its angular shoulder design and improved traction. A wide groove in the center of the tread and a convex stripe on the tread accelerate dirt and mud release.

CL-18M as a racing version of the Land Dragon CL-18

The CST Land Dragon C888 is said to provide excellent traction even in difficult terrainCL-18M has developed a racing version with a special rubber compound for the sporty area of ​​4×4 vehicles. To improve its performance in competition, the overall diameter has been increased from 883mm to 915mm and the angles of the profile have been changed vertically towards the shoulder, resulting in better traction in mud in addition to a more aggressive exterior. The profile has extended shoulders to protect the rims, while a pronounced side groove better drains water and mud, making it perfect for muddy and swampy terrain.
The Land Dragon CL18 is available in the standard tire sizes of 15 and 16 inches in seven different widths. The CL-18M as a sports version is offered in the profile size 35×10.5-16 6PR.
The new Land Dragon C-888 stands for traction and control. Its coarse, vertical tread design gives the C-888 excellent traction. The optimal power transmission enables safe progress in the most difficult terrain. Its flexible diagonal carcass structure easily releases heavy dirt and mud, allowing the tire to grip the ground perfectly with every revolution. The C-888 is available in tire sizes 32×10.5-16 6PR and 31×10.5-15 6PR.
“With regard to our expanded product strategy in the 4×4 segment, we have stocked up on the cheaper profiles from our second brand, CST,” explains Heiko Daugs, who is responsible for tire sales in the 4×4 segment at Maxxis International. “We have developed the Land Dragon CL-18M specifically to meet the requirements of drivers at professional off-road sporting events. In doing so, we are setting an example for races with 4×4 vehicles, which, with the exception of a few events in Germany, are still a rarity.”
CST is an independent tire brand of the Cheng Shin Tire & Rubber Group, which has made a name for itself worldwide as one of the largest manufacturers of bicycle and motorcycle tires. The second product category includes tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, 4×4 vehicles and ATV/Quad. The range for the industry includes, for example, profiles for agricultural machinery, forklifts and garden equipment as well as for the rehabilitation segment, small and rehabilitation tires and corresponding hoses. With its production facilities in Xiamen (China), CST has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and innovative technologies. Focused on quality, transport and customer satisfaction, CST meets the requirements of the strictest international standards.
CST tires are marketed through Maxxis International GmbH via its own brand and sales channels, independently of the long-established Maxxis tire brand. Sales and logistics are carried out via Maxxis International’s Dägeling location in northern Germany, including within Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and France. A large part of the CST product range can be delivered immediately from the 15,000 square meter warehouse. Orders usually reach customers within 24 to 48 hours. dlw

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