Next travel destination: small, romantic towns on the Mediterranean coast of Italy

Are you ready to virtually visit one of the most beautiful parts of Italy? You have probably heard of the famous Amalfi Coast. This vacation spot is characterized by extraordinary beauty and is visited by many stars in the past to this day. Natural colored interplay of white, pink, yellow and the light blue of the Mediterranean make this area a dream vacation spot.

Le Siranuse balcony sea view dream vacation

Dream vacation in the idyllic coastal village of Positano

The city of Amalfi is around 1.5 hours away by car from Naples Airport. Following the road signs to Sorrento, you drive on the dream road Amalfitana and treat yourself to incredible views over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

Amalfi coast landscape horizon italian architecture

Fantastic view and cute houses with traditional architecture

The wonderful holiday resort of Ravello is 300 meters above sea level and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ravello Italy view sea

One of the most beautiful sea views can be found in Ravello

Travel destination tourism Ravello Italy church

The Cathedral of Saint PANTALEONE in Ravello, Italy

Further west is the beautiful Amalfi, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is said about this city that you fall in love with it at first sight and that you like to visit it again and again. The former great maritime republic used to play an important role in Mediterranean trade.
On a stroll through the small town you will come across picturesque houses as well as old cathedrals with vaulted ceilings. In the charming narrow streets of the village you will discover numerous chic boutiques, trendy restaurants and street cafes. In summer there is nothing more beautiful than the former traditional fishing villages. Its beaches are covered with golden yellow sand and are just waiting to be discovered by tourists.

Amalfi Beach Orange Parasol

Spend summer vacation on the Tyrrhenian coast

Amalfi Coast streets art pottery

Colorful kitchen accessories, factory of the Italian ceramics industry

Italian specialty pizza gourmet Italian cuisine

Taste tasty Italian dishes in a great atmosphere

The coastal city of Positano has been enchanting travelers since the time of the Roman Empire. A real jewel in the crown of Italy, the city stretches almost vertically up the mountain, where every single building paints the landscape in pretty pastel tones.

Positano Italy landmark dome

The church of Santa Maria Assunta in the center of Positano is worth a visit

Hotel luxurious view of Positano

The hotel rooms and restaurants have breathtaking views

In this area all roads lead not to Rome, but to the beautiful beach. With a drink in hand (e.g. a Negroni), you could relax and alternate between swimming and the lounge chair for a whole afternoon.

Beach shot Positano Italy

The Amalfi Coast as a wonderful place to relax

The Amalfi Coast consists of 16 small towns and could easily be Italy’s calling card. Located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Monti Lattari, this region tempts with fantastic planted balconies, the freshness of the lemon gardens, pretty olive trees and old wineries as far as the view extends. A real piece of paradise that is worth seeing at any time.

Casa Angelina Praiano Amalfi Coast

Dine with incredible sea views in the luxurious restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

Positano Local Tyrrhenian Sea Amalfi Coast

Privacy and five star service can be found in luxurious restaurants on the coast

Travel destination Positano Amalfi Coast by night

Dusk by the sea

Private Beach Amalfi Coast Travel Italy

Luxury hotels have private beaches and offer yacht excursions

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