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No chance for construction defects thanks to experts

If the builder is a layman himself, it is advisable to have construction supervision by an expert

Probably everyone who deals with the subject of house construction has heard of the construction company “Heinz von Heiden”. When I had the desire to build a house a few years ago, I contacted the company and asked for advice on construction methods and prices. You can read about my experiences in the following article >>

I didn’t build it after all, but I followed the comments under my Heinz von Heiden article with interest. Many clients were visibly satisfied, but most of them were extremely disappointed and angry. The negative requests to speak can mainly be traced back to alleged construction defects that were either discovered too late or not remedied, but with the costs of which the building owners were ultimately left alone.

If I read such comments (which can also be found under my articles about other construction companies!), I have the feeling that as a builder you not only need nerves of steel, but should also plan a huge budget for extra costs …

construction supervisionHowever, you can prevent this unattractive, time-consuming and costly “building adventure” with the help of a Building surveyorswho accompanies the building of the house. The expert looks over the shoulder of the craftsmen, structural engineers and architects and recognizes defects and botch at an early stage.

Where can you find a construction supervisor?

A structural examination and supervision of the house construction offer experts, architects and various organizations. For example, the Building Owner Protection Association, the Association of Private Builders, the consumer centers, the Federal Association of Independent Experts eV, TÜV, Dekra and chambers of architects.

When should you call in a construction supervisor?

Ideally, you should contact him prior to construction – even before signing the contract! Construction supervisors have a network that also includes construction lawyers. A professional can look at the contract documents and check them for accuracy.

What does the construction supervision cost?

For a single-family house, you should plan costs of around one percent of the construction cost, i.e. between 1000 and 3000 euros. This also depends on the number of appointments that you agree with the construction supervisor. In fact, his presence is not necessary for every construction phase. Only the most important construction steps are recommended, such as the completion of the floor slab or the cellar. You should also carry out the handover of the house together with the construction supervisor.

Under certain circumstances, the construction supervision is subsidized by the KfW Bank. This is a condition for this energy-efficient building. More information can be found under the following link >>

In my circle of acquaintances, two families have counted on the presence of a building expert. They were completely satisfied with both the construction supervision and the construction of the house itself. There were no extra costs. In this respect, the investment in the expert has paid off. As a layman, I would always turn to an expert for such an expensive undertaking as building a house.

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