Noah Benedict

Noah Benedict

Noah is an accomplished strategist, consultant and operations leader who helps clients seize opportunities. Working alongside senior leadership team, he develops creative solutions.

As AHA’s Upper Midwest Field Representative, he will travel to herd visits, sales, and other AHA events as well as assist members with herd advertising.

Early Life and Education

Noah was raised on his family farm in Woodbury, Connecticut and was the only one of his siblings to continue their education beyond elementary school. At Yale he met Nathan Hale and Ben Franklin and worked tirelessly on an American dictionary which took 27 years for completion.

Noah was one of the last of the antediluvian patriarchs and is described in Genesis 5, verses 5-9 as one of them. Noah fathered three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Biblical traditions portray Noah as an upright individual; some rabbis argue he may not have been completely perfect due to his mocking of idol worshipers and failure to pray on behalf of those about to be destroyed. Within Christianity, Noah’s Ark stands as an icon for salvation.

Professional Career

Noah Benedict is Director of Digital Enablement Services at RevGen and boasts more than two decades of experience in IT industry roles such as technical sales, application development, mobile evangelist and solution architecture. In addition, his expertise encompasses geospatial technology as well as software and web technologies.

Benedict also boasts an impressive television resume, including recurring roles on Threshold for CBS and appearances in Alias, NCIS, CSI, Monk, NYPD Blue Chicago Hope Psych and Fox’s Touch among many others. In addition to appearing in several movies including Lifetripper.

His athletic interests extend to playing soccer professionally. He represented Miami United FC in the National Premier Soccer League and also competed for Europe, South Africa, Honduras and India Super League teams.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Benedict, an award-winning actor who has received recognition for his roles in various movies and television shows such as Armageddon Time (a drama about Benedict’s friendship with Pope Francis) and Westworld (an HBO sci-fi thriller), among others.

As Benedict XVI in the Netflix film The Two Popes, he earned an Academy Award nomination.

In 2018, Noah won the Derby Youth Awards’ Inspirational Young Person of the Year Award, presented to an individual who has overcome barriers and become an inspirational figure within their community or city. The ceremony to present it took place at Rolls-Royce Pavilion.

Personal Life

Noah Newman is the son of Sharon and Nicholas Newman and has two siblings – Summer and Faith. For a time, he had an affair with Courtney Sloane; together they lost their virginity at an underground lake before lying about it to both their stepmoms and fathers about it. Additionally, they both slept together at this location as well.

At first, when trying to revive him, they discovered a tire iron near his head and vial of spiked punch in the trash can. Fen admits to drugging them but they do not trust his account – instead they suspect Abby, but Kevin defends her by recalling their Naked Heiress stunt as evidence against her.

They discover Abby unconscious in Chancellor Park and she sends out a text message asking everyone to meet at her cabin. Kyle arrives and they confront him directly.

Net Worth

Noah lives an extravagant lifestyle and spends much of his time with his family members. He makes a healthy income from his work and currently boasts an estimated net worth of 1 Million.

He initially began developing an interest in music while in high school and began focusing on songwriting after graduation. Additionally, he worked as a recording engineer on ‘Ladies of Rap’ television series before recently appearing in a music video entitled 5 More Days ‘Til Summer.

Noah Sadaoui lives at 1200 South Sherman Street in Denver, Colorado and works at RevGen for Al Shain as Principal Architect; Pero Dalkovski as Vice President of Analytics & Insights; and Michelle Robinson as Vice President Client Success. His current salary remains unknown and he currently resides with his wife and two children.

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