Noah Berman

Noah Berman – Performer, Composer and Music Educator

Noah Berman is an accomplished musician who has collaborated with some of the top names in rock, jazz and classical music. Additionally, he serves as an instructor and mentor to guitarist students.

As a young man, his life mission quickly transformed to one of health and wellness when he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that left him suffering fatigue, rashes and weight issues.

Early Life and Education

Noah is an accomplished performer, composer and educator whose musical interests include rock, jazz and classical genres. He has collaborated with prominent musicians from each genre during performances that demonstrate his versatile skill set.

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Professional Career

Noah Berman is an educator and performer with experience working with musicians from rock, jazz and classical genres. Currently teaching guitar ensembles and private lessons at Berwick Academy in South Berwick Maine; as well as contributing his writing for Refinery 29 The Guardian Depak Chopra TV Fox Business among many publications/blogs.

Noah began fencing at age 10, thanks to encouragement from his parents and family friend. Although initially uninterested in fencing, after being convinced to give it another try he became completely committed. Since then he has participated in several tournaments and qualified for NCAA Championships; additionally he works as a fitness and nutrition coach as well as being involved with wellness as a manager at holistic med spa and as head of product development for Higher Mind.

Achievement and Honors

Paly graduate Noah Berman started fencing at 10 after some encouragement from his parents and a friend. While at first he hated it, upon listening to their advice he found himself truly immersed in fencing – eventually joining Brandeis University’s fencing team as an active competitor.

In 2015, he was honored by being selected to the UAA Presidents Council Scholar-Athlete Team. This honor recognizes athletes who earned first team all-conference recognition while simultaneously carrying a 3.50 or higher cumulative grade-point average across their sports.

He contributes regularly to Ethan Iverson’s DoTheGigNYC website and performs as a guitarist for various rock, jazz, and classical groups.

Personal Life

Noah is an active musician and music educator. He has collaborated with a wide array of rock, jazz and classical artists and ensembles. Additionally, he teaches guitar at Berwick Academy in South Berwick Maine where he leads two Guitar Ensembles as well as provides private lessons.

Noah earned recognition during his sophomore season at the University of Florida when he was chosen for inclusion on the NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship team, alongside teammates Al Horford and Corey Brewer. Noah played an instrumental role in helping lead them to back-to-back national titles.

As a result of his health issues – such as rashes and extreme fatigue – he began researching wellness products, developing an interest in all areas of health and nutrition, working closely with wellness companies like ALOHA to help develop and launch new products.

Net Worth

Noah has quickly earned himself immense popularity and fame through his performance in movies, Tv series, commercials and other roles. Not only is he known as an actor but also as an accomplished model having appeared in several short films.

His estimated net worth ranges between USD $900k-1m. His primary source of income comes from acting and modeling roles he has performed in movies and TV shows which have earned him global renown.

Noah is part of the Stranger Things cast and earns $250k per episode. Additionally, he has appeared in British shows like DCI Banks, Vera, and Casualty as a guest star. Noah enjoys traveling, photography and reading books in his free time; in addition he volunteers his services to Literacy Volunteers of Greater Waterbury.

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