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Everly Carganilla

Everly came to prominence through her appearances on television shows such as That Girl Lay Lay, The Chair and Jane the Virgin. Additionally, she contributed her talents to Hollywood films The Haunted Man and Yes Day.

She may still be too young for romantic relationships, but she enjoys spending time with her parents and brother and shares unforgettable pictures from those occasions on Instagram.

Early Life and Education

Everly Carganilla was born in Thousand Oaks, California on 20 May 2014. She is the daughter of Paul Carganilla and Jamie Carganilla and currently attends Newbury Park High School as she pursues both academics and acting. Everly also has an older brother named Noah Carganilla.

The Everly Brothers were influential to an entire generation of popular musicians with their close harmonies and smooth guitar licks, including Don Everly handling melody while Phil Everly provided accompanying harmony harmonies. Their sound was original, leading them to reach the top of charts worldwide with many top hits that saw them disband initially in 1973 but then reunited in 1983 and continue performing up until their deaths.

Phil Everly died of lung disease at his Nashville home in 2001, while Don Everly’s legacy lives on through their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Professional Career

Noah served with the Wisconsin National Guard and in Iraq as part of C Troop, 5-1st Cavalry Regiment. While in Iraq he received training in M3 Bradley Cavalry Scout operations/maintenance and Stryker Armored Vehicle maintenance/operations maintenance as well as Combat Life Saver Certification.

After graduating high school, he worked at Koenig Concrete in Jefferson and enjoyed hunting and fishing trips with family in Wisconsin and Canada. Furthermore, he was an avid longboarder, skateboarder, snowboarder, and wakeboarder – remaining very active and committed to his family and friends.

He is survived by his father, Robert Schneeberg; mother Faith Van Ert; sister Abrya Schneeberg and step-sisters Jessica Erby and Amy Wiley as well as niece Tenley Wiley and nephew Tristan Erby.

Achievement and Honors

Everly Carganilla, born Paul and Jamie Carganilla and sired by Noah Carganilla is an actress who has appeared in a few movies and TV shows.

She is also a singer, having co-recorded an album called “Brethren” with her brother that features covers of classic country tunes featuring sibling harmony.

She currently studies at Newbury Park High School while simultaneously pursuing her acting career alongside studies. She forms strong relationships with her co-stars and enjoys working on projects, modeling for some kid’s fashion brands and being awarded various trophies for talent and dedication to the industry – something both parents are extremely proud of her for. Furthermore, she actively engages in charitable efforts.

Personal Life

Everly Carganilla, best known for her role as Ellie Torres on Netflix series Yes Day. At seven years old she is the daughter of Paul and Jamie Carganilla; her younger brother Noah also makes up the Carganilla clan.

Lenz is passionate about water sports, reading and movie watching with her family. She follows Newbury Park High School basketball closely and has been active in their drama department ever since she first attended their campus.

Everly is the youngest of three siblings; her older sister Beth Schwenke is an award-winning author of children’s books; Doreen Townsend was previously an Broadway actress and television host.

Net Worth

Everly Carganilla has amassed quite the fortune thanks to her appearances in numerous movies and TV shows, modeling for numerous lingerie, clothing, and swimwear brands as well as appearing in fashion magazines.

Made her breakthrough with Netflix series Yes Day as Ellie Torres. Also appeared in television show The Chair as Ju-Hee and appeared in film Bud.

Carganilla, born to Paul Carganilla and Jamie Carganilla of California. She currently resides there with her family. In her free time she enjoys painting; on social media she boasts over 2.7K followers on Instagram; she’s also passionate about music.

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