Noah Hughes

Noah Hughes Q&A at E3 2010

Noah Hughes, Franchise Creative Director and designer for Tomb Raider series took some time out of his busy E3 schedule to join Senior Community Manager Meagan Marie for a Q&A session held during E3. Questions covered topics ranging from gameplay features and in-game mythology.

Early Life and Education

Noah Hughes graduated from Catholic Central, where his Cougars won the Division 3 state title two years ago. Prior to becoming goalkeeper under coach Brian Hughes during his freshman season, he played as a field player until transitioning into goalkeeping for five tournament games and helping limit opposition goals to one or less in each contest. Hughes plans to study sociology at University of Indianapolis.

Crystal Dynamics has been developing Tomb Raider games for five generations now, with Eli Wallach playing Dietrich in the 2006 film The Hoax (based on Clifford Irving’s faked autobiography of Howard Hughes by author Clifford Irving). Leonardo DiCaprio also portrayed Hughes in 2004 film The Aviator.

Professional Career

Hughes demonstrated an early aptitude for engineering and science. As one of Houston’s first licensed amateur radio operators he also held a keen interest in aviation – an interest which would remain with him throughout his life.

Hughes set aside part of his fortune for a medical institute to be established in his name, often speaking out about understanding the fundamentals of biology. Hughes held strong dislike for the IRS and regularly donated to charities to avoid paying taxation.

Martin Scorsese made him the subject of his 2004 film, The Aviator, with Leonardo DiCaprio portraying Hughes. His Hercules or Spruce Goose aircraft features prominently. James Ellroy also depicts Hughes in his Underworld USA trilogy as Upson Pratt who loosely represents Hughes.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Hughes is currently the Franchise Creative Director (previously Experience Director) at Crystal Dynamics where he’s worked on multiple Tomb Raider titles since joining back in 1993 as part of their experience team. Since then he’s seen Crystal Dynamics become an award-winning triple A developer.

Hughes took control of Toolco in his 20s and used its proceeds to fund aviation and filmmaking passion projects; Two Arabian Knights earned Oscar nominations while Hell’s Angels achieved worldwide renown.

Hughes’ passion for aviation drew scrutiny from both government agencies and his fellow Americans alike. As a key military contractor during World War II and creator of his legendary H-4 Hercules aircraft (commonly referred to as “Spruce Goose”) – its failure costing taxpayers millions and landing him in legal trouble with authorities – Hughes became subject of much public debate and investigation.

Personal Life

Noah Hughes is a games director and designer who made his name working on games such as Whiplash for PC published by Interplay Productions, Gex, and Tomb Raider, developed by Feral Interactive, Sony Interactive Entertainment Square Enix and NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios. Eventually becoming its Franchise Creative Director for Tomb Raider games.

Leonardo DiCaprio played Howard Hughes in 2004’s film The Aviator; Dietrich was played by Eli Wallach in 2006’s film The Hoax about author Clifford Irving’s falsified autobiography of Howard Hughes written under an assumed identity by Clifford Irving himself. Dietrich died of myasthenia gravis in 1977.

Net Worth

Noah Fleiss has an estimated net worth of $2 Million and makes much of his fortune from movies such as Josh and Sam and other productions. Additionally, music events and brand endorsements also bring significant compensation.

As owner and president of Hughes Aircraft Company, Hughes designed the iconic Lockheed 307 Stratoliner aircraft. Additionally, in 1939 he purchased controlling interest in Transcontinental & Western Airlines (now TWA) and renamed it after himself.

Hughes suffered from various health problems throughout his life. He suffered from OCD and had unpredictable mood swings; at one point he even became reclusive for months at a time and lived alone in a dark screening room. Furthermore, there were numerous controversies concerning both his business dealings and personal relationships which plagued him – until finally, in 1976 at age 84, Hughes passed away.

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