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Podcast With Noah Lanard – Blake Masters – A Libertarian Vegetarian Acolyte and a Thiel Acolyte

Mother Jones reporter Noah Lanard has been doing his best to embarrass micro e-celebrities. In one such profile – that of Senate candidate Blake Masters – Lanard chronicled Masters’ change from libertarian vegetarian co-op member to hard right Thiel follower.

Ed is joined by Mother Jones writer Noah Lanard to discuss his recent profile of Peter Thiel’s apostle Blake Masters as well as Kaiser Permanente strike that could put up to 30,000 workers on picket lines.

Early Life and Education

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Personal Life

Noah Lanard hails from Washington, DC but was raised in New Jersey. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Montclair State University and has written for Mother Jones, Washingtonian and Fusion/Vice Mexico City; additionally serving as Washingtonian Editorial Fellow he was on this podcast to discuss his recent profile of Peter Thiel apostle Blake Masters.

Ed and Noah also discuss an impending Kaiser Permanente strike that may see thousands of employees take to picket lines to protest.

Net Worth

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