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A Closer Look at Sgt Noa Lazar

IDF officials identified Sgt. Noa Lazar, 18 from Bat Hefer in northern Israel as being killed while serving with Military Police’s Erez battalion in East Jerusalem.

Dr. Noah Lazar is the Clinical Director and Founder of Toronto’s Downtown Psychology Clinic; in addition to serving in this role he holds both academic credentials as a professor and CBT specialist certifications.

Early Life and Education

Noah Lazar was raised in Brooklyn, New York. After attending Fordham University and Brooklyn Law School – with a focus in law – he worked briefly as a lawyer before realizing his true calling lies elsewhere: writing. Consequently he switched careers.

He started off his musical career composing music and scoring films. Later he became part of South African band Mango Groove and wrote an iconic tune used for Nelson Mandela’s 1994 inauguration ceremony. Additionally he founded Lalela Music, a production music library.

He currently teaches at the Lazar Center and takes great pleasure in helping his students reach their maximum potential. His favorite aspect of teaching is witnessing students take great satisfaction from solving a challenging problem on their own! In addition, he enjoys working with various types of students focusing on English, science, and math topics.

Professional Career

Noah Lazar is a clinical psychologist and the Founder of The Downtown Psychology Clinic. He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology at University of Western Ontario before receiving predoctoral training at St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton for their Mood Disorders clinic, Neuropsychology Service and Schizophrenia and Severe Mental Illness clinics. Additionally he worked in several inpatient and outpatient psychiatric clinics before beginning full-time private practice work.

He offers assessments and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for various issues related to mood, anxiety and work stress. In addition, he conducts CBT workshops.

Hannah graduated with honors from Coastal Carolina University with a major in Special Education and is deeply committed to education. She enjoys tutoring students one-on-one and adapting their instruction accordingly, so as to foster both their academic growth as well as personal development.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Lazar, 18, was killed in an Israeli Military Police shooting attack near an East Jerusalem checkpoint late Saturday evening. Her service had spanned four years with the Erez battalion before she died. Family and friends have been informed of her demise according to Israel Defense Forces.

Mikayla recently graduated from High Point University with a Bachelors of Science in Actuarial Sciences and minor in Math. As a tutor, Mikayla passionately believes in the idea that anyone can learn anything they set their minds to achieving. She enjoys working one-on-one with students to tailor learning to meet individual needs; working at Lazar Center this year on math, science and study/organizational skills!

Personal Life

Noah Giansiracusa is an assistant professor of mathematics at Bentley University and has spoken and written extensively on data science, the effects of algorithms, and society at large, including for Scientific American, Time, Barron’s, Boston Globe, Wired, and Slate.

He is also an active contributor to the online CBT community, writing for blogs and forums such as Medium, Forbes and The Atlantic. His particular area of expertise lies within cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) applications in the workplace.

On Saturday evening, 18-year-old Bat Hefer native Lazar was shot and killed by a terrorist at the Shuafat checkpoint in east Jerusalem, according to military authorities. She belonged to Military Police’s Erez battalion; her family has been informed; posthumously, she was promoted from corporal to sergeant after her death.

Net Worth

With his father being an established celebrity, Noah lives a lavish lifestyle. Aside from inheriting their income through their parent, he also receives income through various sources like social media and YouTube.

He made waves as an influential Tik Tok and Instagram influencer during the COVID-19 pandemic with his humorous videos and skits, garnering over 30.9 million followers on each platform.

Jaryd Lazar, better known online by his Twitch streamer handle Summit1g, is an American Twitch streamer and professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player currently competing for A51 and Team Mythic. Through streaming he has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million+.

He has established himself as a gamer on YouTube through his channel titled ‘LazarBeam’, featuring gaming videos. It ranks highly in Australia.

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