Noah Leavitt

Noah Leavitt

Noah Leavitt serves as Associate Dean for Student Engagement at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. In this capacity he combines research, writing, teaching and community organizing into one.

FindLaw guest columnist Noah Leavitt places the Saddam Hussein trial into its wider legal, political, and historical context, exploring whether it meets international legal’s requirements for fair trials as well as appearing to do so.

Early Life and Education

Noah Leavitt is currently Assistant Dean for Student Engagement at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and also works as Research Associate within its Department of Sociology as well as being one of its pre-law advisors. With extensive international legal experience – working for both the International Law Commission of the UN in Geneva as well as University of Cape Town Legal Aid Clinic and attending several UN Anti Racism Conferences including Durban as a participant on multiple delegations – Leavitt brings considerable value to Whitman College and their student body in particular.

Noah Leavitt of FindLaw guest column examines the growing trend of attorneys alleging violations to international human rights here at home, with specific attention paid to a death row inmate claiming their rights under Vienna Convention were breached due to failing to notify his home country’s consulate of his impending execution.

Professional Career

Noah Leavitt has written numerous scholarly and popular articles addressing contemporary legal, cultural, and political issues in print and online publications such as the Jewish Forward, Slate, CNN FindLaw and International Herald Tribune.

As a professor at Whitman College, he specializes in legal history, constitutional theory and American politics courses as well as serving as its pre-law adviser.

Noah Leavitt of FindLaw contemplates the implications of European investigations of Washington Post reporting about an international secret prison network operated by the CIA. Leavitt suggests these probes mirror an American debate between those favoring weaker U.N. institutions (like John Bolton as Ambassador nominee to the U.N.) and those advocating respect and support of these institutions.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Leavitt has held multiple positions within education: teacher, author, community organizer and attorney. He has taken part in law fellowships at the International Law Commission, University of Cape Town Legal Aid Clinic and U.S. Department of Justice while representing religious, human rights and anti-poverty groups in national and international litigation proceedings.

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Personal Life

Noah Leavitt serves as Director of Marketing and Communications for Northeast Arc, a non-profit that assists children and adults with disabilities participate in their communities. He has written extensively on current legal and cultural topics for various print and online publications including The Forward, Slate, Michigan Journal of International Law and FindLaw.

Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt, sociologists from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington are recognized as leading and virtually only experts on Asian-Jewish intermarriage in this country. Recently they spoke with JTA about their research and its implication for America’s New Jews; ultimately this led to them writing JewAsian: Race Religion Identity of America’s New Jews book.

Net Worth

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