Noah Nixon

Noah Nixon (Movie Review)

Noah Nixon is a thoughtful young adult who considers every action carefully before acting impulsively like Rex does. Noah stands as an antidote for Rex’s more reckless approach.

Noah is one of three siblings that comprise SuperHeroKids on YouTube and have amassed over 2.9 billion views for their gaming videos and creative content on that channel.

Early Life and Education

Noah is one of six siblings that run the YouTube channel SuperHeroKids and have amassed millions of subscribers thanks to their videos, vlogs and other forms of content creation.

Noah initially joined Providence to monitor Rex but gradually came to view him as a friend. Noah is more mature and responsible than Rex and always ready with great advice for both them.

Rex and Noah engage in a heated prank war that often backfires. Rex convinced Bobo to prank Noah for a date with Claire but it ended up destroying the set and releasing radioactive particles, creating tension between them both. Noah is an excellent student who excels at both ping-pong and basketball; he’s very intelligent as well and usually thinks through things before acting on anything impulsively.

Professional Career

Noah is perhaps best-known for his YouTube career where he and his siblings produce videos about video games, original content creation and parodies on their channel SuperHeroKids that have amassed over 2.9 billion views to date.

Noah also works as a teen actor and musician; currently working on a rap album alongside his siblings.

Noah was originally hired by White Knight to monitor Rex and influence him subtly into becoming more compliant. Over time, however, he came clean about his covert agent status to Rex, leading them both to become friends on an open basis.

Noah is an esteemed student at West Orange High School who stands out due to his intelligence, wit, and impressively well-connected network for someone his age. In fact, Noah currently boasts the fourth highest GPA amongst his class peers.

Achievement and Honors

Noah is an exceptional high-achieving, intelligent and well-connected youth with an uncommonly mature attitude for someone his age. As the fourth highest ranking student in his class, he boasts an exciting future ahead.

Rex can sometimes get into fights with Noah due to his competitive nature; however, Rex usually comes back and defends Noah when necessary. Noah is also an admirable friend who proves his devotion and bravery whenever necessary.

He’s part of the family behind SuperHeroKids on YouTube, with over 2.9 billion views combined across their videos. He enjoys building blocks, his tractor, drawing, Play-Doh, bubbles, trucks, reading Thomas and Friends books and playing hide and seek. Rex also enjoys scarier movies which provide a good opportunity for him to prank him occasionally; White Knight even recruited him as an undercover agent to keep an eye out for Rex!

Personal Life

Noah is Rex’s closest companion and often acts as his voice of reason to remind him what’s right and wrong. They even competed against one another during prank wars! Noah often acts as Rex’s sounding board when making decisions he feels are inappropriate or wrong.

Noah serves both Rex and White Knight by watching over them and occasionally trying to change their behaviors. Additionally, he serves on both Level Up’s Advisory Board and Single Stop USA’s.

He is an internationally-recognized higher education policy and governance expert, author, educator, and former President of the Association of Community College Trustees; in addition to serving in several leadership capacities including being Senior Advisor to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

Net Worth

Noah has amassed an enormous following on YouTube and TikTok where his explicit content is available to subscribers who pay. Additionally, he has established relationships with various philanthropists, celebrities and companies through these platforms.

Bob Hope, musicians, celebrities, over 40 astronauts and sports superstars as well as foundations with billions in assets have been brought together through him and their foundations he advises – his passion is connecting people.

He is an avid Reggae music enthusiast, inspired by artists such as Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru Wailing Souls and Cocoa Tea. Born and raised in Nairobi’s Umoja slum area with high rates of poverty, school dropouts and violent youth crime rates, Eden Nixon is his younger sibling; Hope also exists within their family unit.

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