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Noble orchids – the best house plants of November

We want to clarify for all curious readers: there is a campaign “Flower of the Month”, which is initiated by the Flower Council of Holland and financed by the European Union. In November 2016, noble orchids were named houseplants of the month. And of course not without good reason!


Noble orchids are the houseplants of the month for November

The orchid can be characterized in many creative ways. She is called the “queen of houseplants”, “the most beautiful of all beauties”, she is charismatic, unearthly and always enchanting. All of these names emphasize the exotic charisma and beauty of these indoor plants. You will soon find out what exactly makes the charm of the noble orchids so special.

orchid decoration

Bring something exotic into your four walls!

There are more than 20,000 species of orchids known worldwide. Most come from tropical and subtropical areas, and many can even grow in the wild. In the tropical rainforest they grow epiphytically, that is, on trees, branches and twigs, where they form aerial roots. All orchids, no matter where they grow, have really striking shapes, gorgeous colors and spectacular flowers. That’s reason enough that we grow the orchids in our four walls, isn’t it?

noble orchids

Striking shapes, wonderful colors and spectacular flowers

At home, the first thing you need to do is choose the right location for your orchid. These delicate indoor flowers do not like direct sunlight, they prefer places with normal room temperatures and sufficient light. In the wild these beautiful flowers don’t need a lot of water, just like at home. It is better to water them carefully, because the standing moisture in the root area could have serious consequences for the indoor flower. It would be best to use bark substrate instead of soil. The different types of orchids bloom at different times of the year. Some only two to three times a year, others up to nine to twelve times. But every time they delight us with a variety of shapes and colors. The orchids are actually easy-care houseplants. For a little care, they give us back a lot of beauty and enchanting bloom.


Noble orchids look great in classic and modern interiors

The noble flowers are wonderfully inscribed in every interior. They bring a decidedly exotic flair to our apartments and work offices and easily transform into a definite eye-catcher in the ambience. You can bring out their flawless beauty better if you arrange a few orchids together or display them on a common area. In addition, these delicate houseplants are always a suitable gift, especially for special occasions.

orchid decoration

The arrangement can also be a bit unusual


Bring the beauty of the noble flowers to best advantage!


Your home could be this lovely too!

plant orchids

Presented on a common area, the orchids immediately turn into the absolute eye-catcher in the room.


Arrange different types together in one large pot and put this alluring beauty on your dining table!

orchid-decoration-arrangements-design-table decoration

The WOW effect will definitely be great!

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