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Nomadic Modern – the favorite design trend 2017

The designer world around the globe is now welcoming a new trend that is very persistent. Nomadic Modern is currently enjoying increasing popularity and is captivating new fans not only with its free lifestyle, but also with its most typical colors and the peculiar atmosphere in the interior. We keep you informed about news and trends in design and always want to keep you up to date. That is why we have decided here in the editorial office to present you some examples of pictures and to bring you closer to the Nomadic Modern trend in interior design. In our photo series we show you an exemplary interior in Nomadic Modern Style, where everything is designed with attention to detail. From the arrow print wallpaper to ethnic patterns to vintage elements that are interpreted in a modern way, everything is beautiful and expressive. Because the new trend 2017 Nomadic Modern Style brings a lot of fun, but self-control is important. This emotional combination in the room design in this style lets the ambience shine in a new, warm light. Based on Nomadic Modern Style, pink accents are of course scattered here and there in the room, which fill it with a happy mood. Admire a stair carpet in pink and lilac, which is synonymous with inner freedom. And that’s the key word for this style, isn’t it?

Nomadic Modern Style bunter Teppich warme gesättigte Farben Couch Lampen

Modern, nomadic, a magnificent colorful carpet brings warm, juicy colors and a lot of positive energy into the room

Bunt gemusterter Treppenteppich rosa

This stair carpet gives you a feeling of freedom

Muster Tapete interessante Deko

How does the moon affect our everyday life?

There is no doubt that we are all under the strong influence of the moon and its phases. They are drawn cool on the wallpaper and are supposed to keep us from feeling too busy and stressed all the time.

moderne Couch Nomadic Modern Style

The modern couch in the nomandic way impresses with its perfect design in dark gray

The modern lines of this couch and its dark upholstery would go a long way in balancing out any pink hues in the rest of the room

Kissen in zartem Rosa

This handmade cushion in soft pink goes wonderfully with an interior in Nomadic Modern Style.

Wand Design in Nomatic Modern Style

Art or anti-art?

A room in Nomadic Modern Style would not be complete in its design without this bold wall art. The artworks come across as a bit unexpected and add a discord that counteracts the natural beauty of the rug and pillow.

sideboard Nomadic Modern Style

A sideboard made of natural wood fits perfectly into the interior in Nomadic Modern Style

A piece of furniture made from natural wood that looks a bit exotic, but softens all the other colors and patterns in the room.

Tischlampe schwarzer Lampenschirm interessant gestalteter

The beauty is in the small details.

This lamp impresses with its lampshade in black. The design of the lamp base is also enchanting and brings with it that eclectic, global feeling that is typical of the Nomadic Modern Style.

Nomadic Modern Style wohnung einrichten ideen

Best look and feel – cuddly soft throw blanket in soft gray tones

This throw blanket impresses with its cuddly soft feel, this is exactly the type of textile goods used by women in the Andes in the past. Plus, she adds a different pattern to the room interior that completely captivates the look! Why not?

Nomadic Modern Style Sofa

This chic sofa in butter yellow color immediately catches the eye

How do you like the design of this sofa? The leather looks like butter. The modern lines are so simple and contrast with the variety of patterns and colors in the room.

elegante Stehlampe passt ins Interieur Nomadic Modern Style

The elegant floor lamp gives the interior in Nomadic Modern Style the finishing touch

A simple floor lamp can look so sublime that it breaks through the entire nomadic modern style design concept.

Take a look at the other interiors in Nomadic Modern Style and get inspiration for a room design at home!

Interieur Nomadic Modern Style lila Sofa Gold

A striking purple sofa with gold and silver shiny pillows is the centerpiece of this nomadic modern interior

Interieur Nomadic Modern Style viele Ethno Muster und Motive

Ethnic motifs and patterns are a must in the interior in Nomadic Modern Style

Nomadic Modern dekorieren deko ideen

Nomadic Modern decorate your home freely according to style and taste

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