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Nordic country house style – a synonym for warmth and cosiness at home

We all have our long-cherished desires that motivate us to do something great and meaningful in life. For example, starting your own home, where it is warm, cozy and hyggelig. According to psychologists, this is particularly important in our dynamic times. Because if you enjoy a more hygge feeling in your own four walls, you will feel happier. For him, high living comfort and Nordic aesthetics are very important. Nordic Living has therefore also been on the advance here in Germany for years. Our neighbors in the north have shaped the trend and are thus inspiring other countries. The Nordic style not only has an important place in interior design, it also influences our everyday life. It impresses with its unique warmth and cosiness, and surprises us with its closeness to nature and modern innovations. If you want to enjoy all of this at home, then you’ve come to the right place. We have great suggestions for you that will bring you closer to your dream home in the Nordic country house style.

Your dream home in Nordic style can soon become a reality!

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus Danhaus nordische Architektur Ziegeldach weite Fenster viel Licht

  • Nordic country house style is close to nature and stylish

Although the country style is very popular today, it is difficult to define precisely. Nevertheless, it always carries the special charm of our childhood, when people still lived comfortably and close to nature and knew how to appreciate every social gathering. This idyllic life can be imitated today, thanks to the Nordic country house style. This style is versatile and multifaceted and stimulates creative thinking. In the north, the country house style is characterized by a clear design and simple interior design of the houses. In short, the Nordic aesthetic can be found in the smallest details. That is why the Nordic country house style is becoming particularly stylish.

Open spaces, simple shapes, light colors and soft textures are typical of interior design in the north.

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus Danhaus offener Raum schlichte Formen helle Farben weiche Texturen typisch für das nordische Innendesign

It is also hyggelig in the bedroom in the Nordic country house style!

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus Danhaus Schlafzimmer hyggelig offener Raum schlichte Formen helle Farben

Although winter in the north is long and dark, the Scandinavians are not discouraged by it and design their houses as bright, cozy and warm as possible. They know exactly how to invite the idyllic nature of the north into your own home and fully enjoy the closeness to nature in all seasons. On the one hand, the houses in the Nordic country house style fit perfectly into the surroundings. On the other hand, they are designed to be cozy and warm on the inside. Ceiling-high windows let a lot of natural light flood into the rooms, making them appear bright and appealing. This also creates a feeling for freedom in the interior and conveys an unlimited closeness to nature.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a lot of natural light to flood into the house.

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus Danhaus deckenhohe Fenster viel Tageslicht ins Hausinnere reinlassen

In this way, the line between inside and outside disappears.

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus Danhaus Wohnraum viel Tageslicht Grenze zwischen drinnen und draußen verschwindet

The Nordic country house style rooms are intentionally designed to be open and generous. The entire color palette is light, with white and light gray predominating. These colors are typical of the Nordic landscape, which is why they are also widely used in the interior. Most of the time, this color palette is complemented by light wood, which also inscribes itself seamlessly into the Nordic interior. Discreet accents in soft colors complement the look. Soft textures and cuddly fabrics make every stay in a house in the Nordic country house style unique and relaxing. Because peace and cosiness prevail there and every family member or guest feels comfortable and at ease. On ice cold evenings, two people sit in front of the fireplace and drink warm chocolate. Or you invite friends and organize cozy hours with a glass of wine at home. Can it be more comfortable, hyggelier and more idyllic? We hardly think so!

In such a house you live comfortably and comfortably.

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus Danhaus behaglich und komfortabel wohnen

  • Innovations come into play and make the Nordic lifestyle even more pleasant

If you also dream of home warmth and first-class living comfort in the Nordic country house style, you can soon have it all. Your dream home is just waiting to be discovered. Because Nordic country house style and modern prefabricated houses now go hand in hand. You can choose the best for you and your family from different models or order a house according to your own design. Do you prefer a city villa or a bungalow? Maybe a semi-detached house after all, where you would have a lot more living space. You also have to decide what you like better – a wooden or plastered facade, a thatched roof or one that is covered with tiles? Or does your wife want a small, stylish winter garden that goes perfectly with the house? Other extras and exclusive design elements in the Nordic country house style can also be considered at fair prices, such as a crooked hip roof, a roof pit, facing brickwork on the ground floor or lattice windows.

No more daydreaming! Now you must act bravely!

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus Danhaus beste Wohnqualität niedrige Energiekosten

In this house you can enjoy high quality of living paired with low energy costs.

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus Danhaus

In a prefabricated house in the Nordic country house style, you not only enjoy the unique Nordic living atmosphere, but you can also look forward to innovative energy concepts. For example, insulation that has been tested on the Arctic Circle can drastically reduce energy consumption in your house. This means that you no longer have to worry about high heating costs, but can fully enjoy the warmth and cosiness of your own home.

Don’t forget, everything is doable now! You can only have the courage to dream about it and find the way to make that dream come true.

Nordischer Landhausstil Fertighaus

Danhaus beste Wohnqualität niedrige Energiekosten

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