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Notable advantages of the glass table

Glass as a material was and will remain trendy. The designers like to and often use it in home and workplace design. Today we would like to deal with the glass as a tabletop. Let’s start with the most famous advantages of this material:

The glass surfaces are robust, followed by functionality and the effect of optically enlarging the space. Last but not least is the aesthetically attractive look.

The glass tables in all sizes can wonderfully embellish every imaginable interior: your home, office and your veranda, why not your garage too? You can see the functionality when using the glass table in the kitchen or living room. The dining table or coffee table stow away all kinds of objects such as documents, newspapers, magazines and cups and are therefore particularly helpful when visiting guests.

Pastel colors and coziness-rectangular glass coffee table storage magazines stylishly modern

Pastel colors and comfort

The glass tables can be adapted to any furnishing style and can be placed in the office as well as in the living room or bedroom. This piece of furniture brings flexibility and informality to the spacious study. Thanks to a glass table, the interior is optically enlarged.

Stylish ambience in the dining area reach-glass table dining table dining room kitchen furniture choice

Achieve a stylish ambience in the dining area

Stylish design with retro glass table glass top coffee table living room interior

Stylish design with retro elements

Durable and robust material is used in the production, which is processed in a special way. The surface is therefore largely unbreakable and difficult to scratch. Glass as a material is still classified as ecologically beneficial.

The table merges with the high glass-walled glass table, furniture made of glass, durable, break-proof, robust coffee table

The table merges with the high glass walls

Modern dining area with a glass view table. Dining table made of glass. Modern dining area

Modern dining area with a wonderful view of the courtyard

The table frame can be made of wood, metal or rattan. The table top should by no means be made of clear glass. Various other variants such as matt and colored glass are recommended, decorations and patterns create the unique ambience. Unusual shapes and sizes are custom made by the design maker.

Unusual coffee table on castor coffee table Side table made of glass castor corner sofa

Fancy coffee table on castors

Stylish, minimalist living design and dining table made of frosted glass-glass table frosted glass robust, durable dining table minimalism

Stylish, minimalist living design and dining table made of matt glass

Eclectic and artistic design of the modern living room-living room furniture Coffee table made of matt glass Acrylic glass Side table modern robust

Eclectic and artistic design of the modern living room

Extraordinary furnishings with a table made of glass and chairs in red-Extraordinary furnishings with a table made of glass and chairs in red

Extraordinary furnishings with a glass table and modern chairs in red

Cheerful accent with glass table and glass vase-round glass table, glass top, wooden frame, modern living design

A glass table and glass vases create a cheerful accent in the room

Timelessness in the interior glass table glass top kitchen dining table modern kitchen furniture

Timelessness in the interior

Ultra-modern living room with glass walls in white coffee table made of glass. Elegance modernity living room furnishings

Ultra-modern living room with white glass walls

The establishment of the coffee table from glass-glass table living room design furniture choice coffee table

The insertion of the glass coffee table

Comfort and elegance glass table Dining table made of glass modern elegant

Comfort and elegance

Today’s furniture made of acrylic glass are real masterpieces and can be integrated into the furnishings in a variety of ways. In this way you will achieve a stylish and impressive home design.

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