Obstetricians and gynecologists warn against smoking hashish during pregnancy


Munich (AFP) – gynecologists have warned against smoking hashish during pregnancy. “Since the unborn baby’s brain continues to develop from day to day, cannabis, like alcohol, does not just act as a drug, but as a poison,” said Christian Albring, President of the Professional Association of Gynecologists in Munich on Tuesday.

In many cases, cannabis is considered a harmless drug, and pregnant women assume that it will not harm the baby. “But that’s wrong,” said the specialist on the occasion of the upcoming World Drugs Day.

Within one year, eleven percent of all women between the ages of 18 and 34 in Germany consume cannabis. That emerged from the recently published European drug report.

According to the professional association, there are very clear indications that the functioning of the child’s brain changes permanently if the mother consumes cannabis during pregnancy. This happens regardless of the nicotine and other toxins that are inhaled when smoking marijuana.

“We don’t know how many women stop smoking hash when they get pregnant,” Albring explained. Above all, women who consume legal or illegal drugs regularly and in large quantities will find it difficult to abstain.

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According to a study from the Netherlands, the changes in the brain were even found in six-year-old children.

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