Off-road fun: KTM AX Buggy concept

Off-road fun: KTM AX Buggy concept

The KTM AX Buggy concept joins the ranks of interesting and reliable off-road vehicles that the history of the KTM forge has produced. Equipped with a hybrid drive, the AX also has 4 independent electric motors and a respectable ground clearance. Reinforced tires provide the desired level of traction and agility.

KTM AX Buggy Concept: Super fun

KTM AX Buggy concept: with hybrid driveIt seems like KTM’s R&D has combined the best features of the super light X Bows and their motorcycle world into one. The concept was designed by Markus Klung and Lucas Fuchs with inspiration from the off-road and sports car sectors. Added to this is eco-friendly technology. With its roll bar, the adventurous off-road vehicle with a super-light chassis offers safety when the ride gets too turbulent. In any case, it looks like a lot of fun, even if it’s still a concept at the moment. chk

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