Off-road park Bavaria: near Ingolstadt

There is a new park near Ingostadt, the Offroadpark Bayern. The team around Klaus Hofmockel, who was previously responsible for the Offroad Park Langenaltheim, has opened a new offroad park in Bavaria after a nine-year approval process. The ‘Offroadpark Bayern’ is located north of GroƟmehring near Ingolstadt, directly on the connecting road to Demling.

Offroadpark Bayern: For individuals and companies

Offroadpark Bayern: opened by a team led by Klaus HofmockelThe site is around 4 hectares in size, the ground consists of earth, gravel and coarse sand, what is not there are rocks and larger stones. It is not possible to stay overnight directly in the park; Offroadpark Bayern: 4 hectares of offroad funon selected weekends, however, a paddock is available around 350 meters away. Individual private drivers can be accommodated in a forest clearing with a fireplace, toilets and a permanent building, as can groups, clubs and forum members. As the sole leaseholder and operator, Klaus Hofmockel points out the independence of the driving area. “There are no legal connections to manufacturers or media,” says Klaus.
Offroad Park BavariaATVs, UTVs, SUVs, off-road vehicles and trucks up to 7.5 tons can drive in the Offroadpark Bayern; Electric motorcycles may drive by arrangement, none There are driving options for quads, trucks over 7.5 tons and MX bikes with combustion engines.
“The Bavarian Offroad Park is the test area for the automotive and supplier industry, the event site for agencies and event companies, the test track for print, TV and internet media and the leisure park for hobby off-roaders, clubs and forums,” says Klaus, who is responsible for free driving dates in the Calendar published on the homepage and via Facebook. x

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