Off to the streets: Ninebot Mini Street

According to the KSR Group, the Ninebot Mini Street is the cheapest self-balancing vehicle that can be legally used on the road. Lighting, reflectors and a bell make it possible to use it in Germany and Austria. The German legislator also requires an insurance indicator. The KSR Group, general importer of Segway and Ninebot for Germany and Austria, and Ninebot have adopted these guidelines and present the Ninebot Mini Street. The Mini Street is based on the Mini Pro model, but unlike the latter it does not have knee links, but rather a handlebar developed by the KSR Group in Austria. Its compact dimensions and low weight of less than 15 kg make the Ninebot Mini Street the ideal vehicle to take with you, be it in your own trunk or on public transport, in a camper or mobile home.

Ninebot Mini Street: in Germany

The recommended retail price in Germany is EUR 1,499 for the Mini Street 320. Ninebot Mini Street: the necessary features are mounted on the handlebar;  including the insurance number plate, you are legally driving on German roadsCompared to the Mini Pro, the Mini Street has a handlebar, front light, front, side and rear reflectors, rear light, bell, a holder for the insurance license plate and the certificate required for insurance in accordance with ยง 21 StVZO, issued by a German testing institute. In Germany, the same traffic rules apply to a Ninebot Mini Street as to a motorbike. If you want to move a Ninebot Mini Street on the street, you must have a “test certificate for driving mopeds” or any driver’s license, which means that you are at least 15 years old. Wearing a helmet is recommended.

Self-balancing: on Austria’s roads

In the Alpine republic, the RRP is EUR 1,199 for the Mini Street 260, and EUR 1,399 for the Mini Street 320. Compared to the Mini Pro, the Mini Street in Ninebot Mini Street: in Austria you can use it on the street from the age of 12 or 10Austria via handlebars, headlights, front, side and rear reflectors, rear lights and bells. Registration is not necessary, any damage caused by the vehicle is usually included in the private liability insurance of the household insurance taken out. However, it is advisable to check with the insurance company before using it on the road. The same traffic rules apply to a Ninebot Mini Street in Austria as to a bicycle. This means that people aged 12 and over (or 10 years and over with a successfully completed cycling test) are allowed to drive a Ninebot Mini Street on the road. Bike helmets are compulsory for people under the age of 12, but wearing a helmet is recommended for people of all ages.

Alternatives: without approval

ninebotIf you can do without using it on the street, you can get the Mini Street 260 only with a handlebar, but without road equipment and without a certificate for 1,099 euros, the Mini Street 320 is available for 1,299 euros. chk

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