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Oliva Nub Review

Over ten years have passed since Oliva Cigar Company sales representative Sam Leccia created their Nub line. Since then, these stubby handmade cigars have become immensely popular with smokers of all kinds.

These short but stocky smokes were created to showcase the subtleties of cigar blends immediately upon lighting and maintain that flavor throughout their entirety. Available with various wrappers and ring gauges.

Early Life and Education

Oliva Cigars have earned an outstanding reputation within the cigar world for their high-profile contract brands and handmades, but their greatest critical and consumer success comes from their own handmade line known as Nub. These small gordito cigars boast unique blends that all feature 4×60 gordito sizes with top-grade wrappers encasing each blend.

Oliva’s master blenders and Studio Tobac creative team came up with this concept for small cigars with ring gauges between 56-66 that maximize tobacco content in each smoke. Their belief was that cigars’ sweet spot is located between 3 1/2 to 4 inches, leading them to create small smokes with smaller rings gauges to maximize how much tobacco was in each cigar.

The result of their efforts is a series of cigars with complex flavors and aromas that go far beyond being dull or thin, earning the praise of critics at Cigar Aficionado and available in multiple wrappers including Cameroon, Corojo Habano Maduro.

Professional Career

Oliva cigars introduced their innovative new concept called Nub 10 years ago and revolutionized the cigar industry. Conceived by former sales rep Sam Leccia, Nub was designed to eliminate “warm-up” periods and offer full flavor and strength from first light onward.

Oliva’s Studio Tobac blenders noted that most cigars reached their maximum strength and flavor around one third into their smoke, known as the “sweet spot.” Their team set out to design a cigar of suitable length, ring gauge and wrapper that would reveal this sweet spot upon lighting, then hold onto it throughout its entire smoke time.

In response, they created a range of short, chunky handmade cigars featuring captivating Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos, from chocolate-brown Nub Habano to medium-bodied Nub Cameroon; all have proven immensely popular among smokers worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Oliva family cigars have long been celebrated, but its Nub brand has proven popular among fans of unconventional formats like cigar nibbing.

Each Nub size has been created to highlight different elements of its blend. For instance, the Nub Cameroon is a medium-bodied cigar featuring stunning Nicaraguan long-leaf fill tobaccos.

It’s the ideal cigar to pair with a cup of coffee – rich, smooth espresso aroma and milk chocolate notes come together seamlessly for the ultimate smoking experience. First offered by Oliva Family Cigars and now an iconic fan favorite around the world.

Personal Life

Sam Leccia was instrumental in propelling Oliva forward as it gained its fame. As face and poster boy for NUb cigars, he hosted events across the nation under Studio Tobac’s umbrella. Later he parted ways with them and now makes cigars for another tobacco manufacturer.

Oliva Cigar Company is an esteemed family-owned cigar maker which has had an enormously positive effect on the premium cigar market. Their brands such as Serie V, Nub and Cain have received top ratings from Cigar Aficionado Magazine and other prominent publications.

Oliva Nub is an innovative cigar concept created to find that ideal balance. These short stout smokes feature blends designed to deliver delicious cigar experiences.

Net Worth

Oliva Nub cigars offer a novel approach. Conceived as “sweet spot” cigars, their promise lies in hitting their flavor peak quickly upon first light, then maintaining it throughout their smoke. To accomplish this feat, Oliva reduced their overall length while maintaining their larger ring gauge size.

Nub Cigars was initially created by former Oliva Sales Representative Sam Leccia who now operates his own self-named cigar brand. Over time, Oliva expanded the Nub line and now offers five distinct blends including Cameroon Maduro Habano.

The 460 Nub Cameroon Nicaraguan cigar is an outstanding choice for those searching for an enjoyable medium-bodied Nicaraguan smoke. Handmade using captivating long-leaf filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, this stocky handmade smoke offers unique aroma and full body profile – plus comes packaged in its own convenient tube!

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