Olive Art

Olive Art

Olive art has long held a special place in the hearts of artists. Vincent van Gogh himself painted several works featuring olive trees and mountains that served as companion pieces to his famous Starry Night painting.

Dutch Post-Impressionist Jan Schoonhoven is often mischaracterized as an eccentric man with bandaged ears, but his olive grove paintings reveal an exacting approach to expressive brushwork and Impressionist color theory.

Early Life and Education

The olive tree has long been seen as a symbol of peace and is featured extensively throughout art history and various cultures. Additionally, it often serves as a representation of Mary. Additionally, Catholic religious paintings often incorporate it as part of their designs of Christ with Mary and other subjects incorporated within its design as part of religious imagery.

Olive Pink was born in Hobart Tasmania and attended a Quaker school, showing great curiosity for life, beauty, and art. Later she studied at Hobart Technical School under renowned sculptor Benjamin Sheppard.

Godard became famous and esteemed through his paintings with olives as their main theme, creating works combining humor and imagination that quickly became immensely popular and brought him acclaim and recognition from across the globe.

Professional Career

Olive Parker Black was an exceptional female artist who flourished during the predominately male-dominated nineteenth-century American painting scene. She studied at both the National Academy of Design and Art Students League, studying with such esteemed master painters as Hugh Bolton Jones and William Merritt Chase for training.

After her father died, she relocated from New Jersey to Maryville, Missouri in 1912 in order to establish the art department at Normal School and collect and curate a university art collection, as well as start several student organizations including Art Club.

Michael Godard, an internationally acclaimed painter, has redefined the definition of art with his animated olives, whimsical grapes and dancing strawberries that combine imagination, wit and humor into delectable artworks that delight any audience. His pieces have been showcased at numerous high-profile shows and museums worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Olive has had her works featured in various exhibitions and has received several awards. With an eye towards giving back to the community, Olive founded an art scholarship fund open to high school students planning on studying visual arts at higher educational institutions next fall.

The fund provides tuition support for one Fremont high school student per year who have attained at least 2.5 GPA and submitted proof of acceptance into a college or university visual art major.

Bridgewater-Raritan High School’s talented students are taking home ribbons and awards at the Mount Olive art invitational competition, earning ribbons in both Drawing and Painting categories. Seniors Julia Mitchko, Jennifer Niu and Sharanya Ram all earned ribbons in Drawing while Srinija Chowdavarapu, Diya Hunashimarad and Kaitlyn Pello earned top finishes for Painting division.

Personal Life

Olive was raised in a family with an expansive creative legacy. Her family encouraged her to pursue art as a career. Olive had an extraordinary talent for storytelling that is evident in her paintings; these have been featured in multiple solo and group exhibitions.

Michael Godard is a globally top selling artist renowned for his iconic images that define art. His beloved animated olives, whimsical grapes, and dancing strawberries represent creativity combined with humor.

Van Gogh arrived at Saint-Remy asylum in 1889, producing a series of olive grove paintings which expressed both personal meaning and expressiveness. This extraordinary exhibition places these works within context with his wider career while unveiling new discoveries on techniques, materials and palette. Furthermore, it explores shifting motivations and stylistic approaches of this influential artist.

Net Worth

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Park West Gallery artist Michael Godard uses olives and strawberries as the subject matter for his mixed media paintings at Park West Gallery. From an olive octopus swimming in a martini glass to a fireman olive saving strawberry damsels from being crushed beneath his foot – his works capture our imagination with their whimsical themes.

Van Gogh’s olive tree paintings depicted the relationship between man and nature as well as life, death, and the divine; for him personally they provided respite from his inner turmoil.

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