Olive Barbell

Olive Barbell – The Modern Olympic Barbell

The Olive Barbell is a high-quality Olympic powerlifting bar designed for Olympic powerlifting that is coated with Cerakote – a ceramic and polymer coating which provides stunning looks while being highly resistant to rust, making it an excellent long-term barbell option.

No matter if you are part of your gym’s lifting team or an independent lifter, understanding the difference between an Olympic barbell and standard barbell is key to choosing equipment wisely.

Early Life and Education

Barbells are an iconic fixture at fitness facilities around the world. Whether competing in powerlifting or weightlifting competitions or simply building muscle mass, chances are your workout routine includes using one. Did you know, though, that their modern counterpart has an intriguing history behind it?

At the turn of the 20th century, strength training was growing increasingly popular. Experts such as Eugen Sandow and Edwin Checkley published books and magazines devoted to strength training. Unfortunately, barbells were scarce – often custom made and often quite costly – making training sessions ineffective and prohibitively expensive.

Arthur Saxon reportedly utilized an unevenly loaded barbell, filled with mercury, to beat Eugen Sandow in several lifts of a competition from early 1900s. This tactic enabled Arthur Saxon to win this round.

Professional Career

Olive is committed to supporting internal talent through programs designed to expand their capabilities and advance in their careers, such as Women in Leadership and Choose Growth – these give managers and talented employees an opportunity to expand their horizons by exploring outside their normal roles.

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Personal Life

Olive is an advocate of strength training who runs an influential website that serves as a forum for strength athletes to connect. Her site features equipment and topics related to strength training; her blog posts regularly appear in fitness publications like Shape. Furthermore, Olive’s latest edition of her “Westside Barbell Book of Methods” has been revised for an enhanced reader experience.

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