Olive Bran

Olive Bran – Olive Wright – Actress

Experts agree that olive oil’s flavor varies dramatically, depending on its constituent ingredients and production techniques, harvesting methods, harvesting dates, milling techniques and even its country of origin – with single-origin oils having more refined tastes that offer stronger expression of place.

This top-scoring blend features an aromatic profile of grassy tones with subtle artichoke undertones, making it the perfect ingredient for culinary applications and packaged in an airtight clear bottle that prevents light and oxygen degradation.

Early Life and Education

Olive Wright is an award-winning New Zealand actress best known for her role as Yvonne on “Shortland Street”. Additionally, she voices Yvonne in The Power Rangers TV show. Olive was born in Zambia and educated at Wellington High School and Victoria University of Wellington before graduating with an acting diploma from Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School.

Harvesting olives between October and November has traditionally been an activity marked by peace and serenity, yet in recent years has become a source of tension between Palestinians and Israeli settlers. Field reporter Shaina Shealy takes us through a day in the life of olive pickers in West Bank; her narrative captures both serenity and surreality in an experience both serene and surreal.

Professional Career

Olive is dedicated to cultivating internal talent by offering programs for personal and professional development. She believes in everyone’s ability to accomplish great feats if given the chance, so encourages her team members to pursue their goals together.

Brian Gloria holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Religious Studies. After managing one of Santa Barbara’s premier catering programs, Brian then transitioned into gourmet specialty food industry where he gained valuable experience. Now serving as General Manager at The Olive Oil Source where his focus is providing outstanding customer service experiences; alongside owning Figueroa Farms in Santa Ynez Valley where they grow, mill and process olives to produce their own brand of oil.

Personal Life

Beran’s family spends much of harvest season praying for rain – specifically, heavy soaking rain that allows the olives to mature from bitter to ripe quickly and create quality oil production.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Beran made waves as one of America’s 2014 Food & Wine Best New Chefs while working for Grant Achatz at Chicago’s Alinea and Next. Since settling down in Los Angeles he has opened two high-profile eateries: Dialogue in Santa Monica and Pasjoli (an elevated French bistro).

At Pasjoli, Beran’s smoked rack of lamb with roasted grapes and fennel has been specifically tailored to pair perfectly with Gigondas wines. He calls this his “terroir-driven dish,” making for an outstanding pairing between dark yet spicy wines like Gigondas.

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