Olive Laurentia

Olive Laurentia

Early Life and Education

Laurentia is a region located between southeastern and midcontinental United States that features various geological formations, such as Precambrian basement rocks. Formerly part of Rodinia landmass, Laurentia now comprises part of supercontinent Pangea.

Platymerella specimens found in cool waters of southern Laurentia typically possess relatively small shell sizes for virgianids, with ventral and dorsal umbones set slightly higher posteriorly than anteriorly; ventral costae are weak posteriorly but well developed anteriorly; hinge lines are low and thick while outer hinge plates have dorsomedially-inclined hinge plates.

Organic Classic Extra Virgin Laur is a blend crafted with Mendoza varieties cultivated on certified organic protected centenary olive trees at Cruz de Stone Estate in Maipu and planted over one century ago, perfect for wine tasting in Mendoza and surrounding regions. This oil is available as certified organic protected centenary olive trees which add unique qualities. This exquisite oil makes a fantastic accompaniment for wine tasting experiences throughout Mendoza region.

Achievement and Honors

On Friday, students of SCHS will celebrate their graduation as leaders in scholarship; Rev. Swihart from Nevada will serve as commencement speaker; and local band will provide musical entertainment.

Laurel (Laurus nobilis) of the Mediterranean region is an evergreen shrub known for its aromatic leaves used in cooking; also referred to as bay laurel or sweet bay. A wreath of laurel leaves was often presented to poets, heroes, and athletes after victories in athletic contests in ancient times; nowadays it can refer to any person or event who has achieved great success, like Olympia’s Olympic Games since 1896; it remains one of the oldest and most prestigious international sporting events worldwide.

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