Olive & Sinclair

Olive & Sinclair – Tennessee’s First Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Company

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Factory in Tennessee is the country’s first bean-to-bar chocolate factory. Owner Scott Witherow blends traditional Southern methods with modern European techniques and classic ingredients, creating signature combinations of slow roasted, stone ground cacao. Visitors can tour this compact production area complete with antique cabinets, pendant factory lighting and old school labels; you’ll even find 75% Cacao Dominican Republic bars made with Corsair Distillery’s bourbon or duck fat caramels!

Early Life and Education

Scott Withrow, founder of Nashville’s first bean-to-bar chocolate company, is reinventing artisanal chocolate for Southern tastes by marrying regional food traditions with innovative ingredients and working alongside local businesses to reshape this craft category.

Olive & Sinclair makes its passion evident when visiting their small production area and tasting room, featuring antique cabinets and factory lighting alongside modern equipment and retro-style labels dating back to 1890.

The artisanal candy maker creates distinctive bars featuring flavor combinations like 75% cacao from Dominican Republic and Mexican cinnamon chili, as well as selling brittles made with bourbon from Corsair Distillery nearby and smoked nibs sourced from Madisonville Smoke House in Tennessee. His inventive yet delectable creations demonstrate his passion for chocolate in every bite!

Professional Career

Scott Witherow knew when he opened his chocolate company in 2007 it needed to be bean-to-bar. Tennessee’s only artisan chocolat maker, his slow roasted and stone ground creations have won him celebrity clients like Gweneth Paltrow over with just one taste!

His chocolate factory in a Marathon Village storefront that once housed a neighborhood grocery store is an oasis of delicious chocolate goodness. Boasting retro aesthetics, touring through this compact production area feels like taking a trip through time – from antique cabinets and pendant factory lighting to new beams crafted from antique pine with retro labels.

Visitors to Allan Benton’s Smoke House can sample 2.5-ounce bars featuring 75% Cacao Dominican Republic or sea salt and cinnamon chili. In addition, visitors can sample specialty brittles that combine cacao nibs with local ingredients like bourbon from Corsair Distillery or smoked nibs from Madisonville country ham legend Allan Benton’s smoke house.

Achievement and Honors

Scott Witherow and his team are an unmissable local treasure in Nashville. Producing artisan chocolate in a building built in 1890 that once housed Archway Cookie Company. Their compact production space features antique cabinets and pendant factory lighting – a truly charming experience!

Tennessee’s premier bean to bar chocolatier and an innovator of Southern artisan chocolate. Their signature bars come in an array of flavors including 75% Cacao Dominican Republic and 67% Sea Salt; in addition to providing tasty caramels and chocolate-covered pretzels such as Duck Fat Caramels from their duck blind as well as delectable Muzzle Loaders balls made with delicious bourbon for the perfect treat!

Bourbon Nib Brittle recently won a 2014 Sofi award – one of the highest honors in the specialty food industry. Crafted with slow-roasted and stone ground select single origin beans from around the world and pure brown sugar for an exclusive flavor, its smooth yet robust taste stands out from competitors’ offerings.

Personal Life

Olive Sinclair was an influential figure in the feminist movement, engaging in demonstrations for suffrage and writing articles in support of women’s rights. Additionally, she used her fiction to challenge Victorian ideals of family and self-sacrifice as oppressive forces against female minds.

Olive & Sinclair is Tennessee’s first and only bean-to-bar artisan chocolate maker, crafting slowly-roasted and stone-ground chocolates inspired by Nashville staples that are loved by celebrities like Gweneth Paltrow.

On this tour, guests have the unique chance to observe how chocolate is created from start to finish, sampling cocoa nib brittle, duck fat caramels and cinnamon chili chocolate bars as they go. In addition, guests can see antique melanguers while learning how European technique and Southern flavor work in unison to craft these artisan chocolate products.

Net Worth

Jaz Sinclair has amassed a net worth of approximately $3 Million as an actress since joining the acting scene back in 2009. She boasts numerous film and television credits to her name.

Olive and Sinclair is Tennessee’s inaugural bean-to-bar chocolate maker, creating unique artisan chocolate from locally sourced food traditions, ingredients, and businesses. Their small shop’s ambience, equipment and packaging celebrate its heritage.

As one steps through the factory’s compact production area, one feels as if they have taken a trip back in time – antique cabinets and vintage lighting contrast with new beams made from recycled pine. The company sells 2.5-ounce bars that feature 75% Dominican Republic cacao mixed with sea salt for purchase; other treats may feature cacao nibs from nearby Corsair Distillery or those that have been smoked at Madisonville’s Yeasty Boys Smokehouse.

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