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Oliver 1555 Oliver

Oliver introduced their Super Series of tractors in 1955 as an extension to their Fleetline models first seen in 1948. All three models, the Super 77, 88 and 99 were stylish from day one.

Adam Humbarger excels at revitalizing old tractors into working condition again, having learned his trade during Vo-Ag classes at Delphi (Ind.) High School under Doug Walker – Vo-Ag teacher and FFA advisor.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Carter was a Church of England clergyman and divine. He studied under William Fulke at St John’s College in Cambridge before being admitted as scholar on Lady Margaret’s foundation in November 1555. Oliver graduated with his BA degree on 18 March 1562-3 before going on to receive a fellowship and becoming MA candidate a year later.

He wrote another work entitled Answeare or Replye to Bristow’s Motives for Catholic Faith (1574), later published under the name of Certaine Questions and Demaunds.

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Achievement and Honors

The Oliver family crest is a gold-colored heraldic device featuring a chevron between two pellets with an olive branch naiant at its base proper, commonly referred to as the Olive Branch Crest. Originally used as part of their coat of arms for their family name and later on the official symbol for their company.

Oliver is most prevalent among residents of Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina and Arkansas; ranking 248th most-popular. Additionally, it can also be found throughout England Wales and Ireland where its origin lies with Olaf or Olefir in Old Norse etymology.

The Oliver 2255 tractor was the most powerful ever released under their meadow green name and in 1964 marked an era of farm mechanization.

Personal Life

Oliver also has an interest in antique iron, serving on the board of Hart-Parr/Oliver Collectors Association as a member. Additionally, in 2014 he helped auction off an Oliver 1555 loader special for $29,500 at a farm auction in northwest North Dakota.

Oliver is an Anglicized form of the French personal (first) name Olivier, which became popularized through one of Charlemagne’s (742-814 AD) paladins. Additionally, this last name may also be written Olliver or Oliviero.

Peter Oliver arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in 1623 while another John Oliver arrived at St John’s, Newfoundland in 1681. This name can be found throughout Australia and New Zealand while its variant in Scotland is Oliphant.

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