Oliver 770

The Oliver 770 and the Hundred Series

With the launch of Oliver 770 tractor in 1958, they introduced what became known as their Hundred Series line of tractors to compete against larger manufacturers that had become more prevalent at that time.

The 770 featured a 216-cid Waukesha diesel engine which could be found in wheatland, high crop and orchard configurations. Furthermore, its Power-Booster transmission system included 12 forward gears and four reverse gears to meet any duty requirement.

Early Life and Education

Armstrong found himself performing with jazz legend King Oliver soon after leaving the Colored Waif’s Home in Chicago, impressing him with his intricate two-cornet breaks and becoming one of the top acts on Mississippi riverboats.

In 1958, Oliver introduced its “Hundred Series” tractors. Both the 770 and 880 used a 265cc Lanova cell diesel engine with constant mesh helical gear transmissions for greater power and efficiency. Furthermore, Oliver offered various configurations such as narrow front axle and adjustable wide axle models on these machines.

Ethan Van Delden dedicated more than 1,600 hours over seven months, outside his regular classes at Northside ISD’s Agriculture Science & Technology Academy, to restore his 1965 Oliver 770 tractor. His dedication paid off when he won first prize at the Chevron Tractor Restoration Competition – Grand Championship Edition (and won $10,000).

Professional Career

Ethan Van Delden dedicated up to nine hours each day outside of classes towards rebuilding his Oliver 770 tractor, eventually winning Grand Champion at the national Chevron Tractor Restoration Competition.

Commissioner Tyrone Oliver began his law enforcement career with Newton County in 1999 and, upon Social Circle’s incorporation in 2013, became its inaugural police officer. His duties encompassed Uniform Patrol, Community Outreach, East Metro Drug Enforcement Team (EMDET), Criminal Investigations and Crime Suppression.

He also devotes considerable time and effort to volunteer and community organizations, serving on the boards of Rotary Club of Social Circle, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, Student Success Alliance and Leadership Walton Alumni Association.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver made a dramatic improvement to its Hundred Series tractor lineup in 1998 by switching from its sliding gear transmission used on earlier models to a constant mesh helical gear final drive system, which allowed farmers to shift on-the-fly without having to disengage the main clutch first. This was a key step forward for them as this enabled quicker shift times while making farmer life simpler overall.

Oliver received the South Okanagan Achievement Award by Oliver and Osoyoos Chambers of Commerce for his community service, becoming only the eighth individual to ever do so. Previous recipients have included Sisters of St. Ann; Wally Smith (deceased); Bill Dell; Alex Gough; Oliver Kinsmen Club and three auxiliaries from South Okanagan General Hospital – this distinction having been bestowed since 1973 by Oliver and Osoyoos Chambers of Commerce jointly presenting it.

Personal Life

Oliver had long been a leader in the tractor market, yet larger competitors had begun overshadowing them. Oliver responded in 1958 by expanding its tractor lineup with three series tractors: the 770, 880 and 995 series models which all utilized Lanova cell diesel engines with upgraded helical gear transmissions.

The 770 was available in multiple configurations, from narrow front axles for orchard and wheatland use to power-adjustable wide front wheels that could accommodate rowcrop work. Farmers could also select an optional heavy fixed width front axle and high crop model.

Classic Farm Tractor Fever, the world-famous calendar from Central States Hart-Parr Oliver Collectors Association, celebrated 21 years in publication during 2009. Other products can also be purchased from our store, including DVDs and videos.

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The Oliver 770 tractor made its debut in 1958 as part of the Hundred Series tractors and was considered groundbreaking at that time. Available with either narrow front axle or adjustable wide axle for row crop use, or fixed wide axle in wheatland configuration.

It featured a 216-cid Lanova cell diesel engine and was equipped with the Power-Booster transmission, which could reduce gear ratios by 24 percent when climbing or driving on difficult terrain. This was an upgrade over its predecessor sliding-gear transmission.

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