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Floral Designers Who Are Changing the Way They Design

Molly Culver is one of the flower designers revolutionizing their field with an eye toward sustainability. She sources flowers from local farms and prioritizes local blooms when choosing floral arrangements for events.

She offers exquisite wedding arrangements to create the perfect setting for your big day.

Early Life and Education

Oliver was a man of many talents and endeavors. He worked tirelessly for what he had, always willing to lend a helping hand and mentor others in sobriety and recovery. Oliver advocated on their behalf.

Mr. Miller had been an integral member of FTD for more than 30 years and led his business through various global events and pandemics with grace and expertise. Additionally, he championed keeping it located downtown Pittsburgh even during times of Great Recession.

He leaves behind his wife Jean and three sons: Joe Lewayne Oliver of Temple, Texas with wife Dicque; Jamie Ray Oliver with Donna Hine from Smithwick and Jackie Dale Oliver who lives in Sugar Land; as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Professional Career

Molly Oliver Flowers is a sustainable floral design business offering weekly deliveries, workshops and short classes in Brooklyn and beyond. They partner with local farms to bring authentic blooms with natural qualities directly from farms to their customers.

She and her team specialize in custom arrangements for weddings and events, providing home decor as well as organic skincare products as gifts.

Floral designers typically earn an annual average pay of approximately $18,220; however, some florists make much more. High earners may receive special or performance bonuses.

Floral designers are responsible for designing and arranging live, dried, or artificial flowers and plants in arrangements that meet customer specifications. In order to be effective at their job under pressure conditions and keep accurate records of income and expenses.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver earned several accolades and awards during his years as a teacher, journalist, Army officer, school administrator and university professor. These included being honored with induction into the Oklahoma Educators Hall of Fame as well as twice being named American Association of School Administrators Superintendent of the Year. Additionally he is an active member of several foundations such as Broken Arrow Historical Society Foundation, Thunderbird Youth Academy Foundation as well as being on the board for International Christian Accreditation Association.

Oliver has demonstrated exceptional dedication in both competing and coaching others at Panathlon competitions, garnering him the Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievement award in 2020. During Covid-19 lockdowns he enjoyed staging his own boccia matches with his dad while staging them himself, eagerly anticipating when restrictions will end and return to events which have had such an impactful influence in his life.

Personal Life

Olivier Giugni is an avant-garde floral designer renowned for his beautiful creations that combine avant-garde artistic vision with incomparable beauty. L’Olivier Floral Atelier of New York offers custom bouquets to celebrities in fashion, finance, and fine arts worlds.

Molly Oliver started her sustainable floral design business in Brooklyn to support local flower growers while providing events with zero waste goals. From farms to design studios, her work reflects Molly’s deep respect for nature as well as team-based initiatives.

Yvonne Ashton combined her academic studies, entrepreneurial spirit and love of flowers into Mayesh Wholesale Florist as the marketing manager. Utilizing her skills in branding and communications combined with an enduring dedication to the floral industry to produce content which serves the wholesale floral community by supporting customers as they pursue their goals while inspiring them to be their best selves.

Net Worth

Molly Oliver runs a sustainable flower business in Brooklyn, NY. Working closely with local farms to deliver seasonal blooms directly to New York City markets, Molly is committed to minimizing her company’s carbon footprint while championing small farms who take an ecological approach when managing their land.

Laurie joined Oliver’s Market as Floral Manager of our Cotati store in June 2004, bringing 13 years of floral management expertise from Safeway with her. Since then, she has expanded both her team and offerings to meet the demands of even our most demanding customers.

Oliver Francis currently has an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million. He hails from Columbia, Missouri and boasts an acclaimed YouTube channel with over 170,000 subscribers.

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