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Oliver Furniture – the best children’s room furniture in Scandinavian style!

Being a parent always means a lot of responsibility and a lot of care. Most married couples are thrilled when they get the good news – their family will grow bigger in a few months. Many people immediately begin to think about how they can best furnish the baby room. Others wait until the weeks of good hope are almost over and only then do they roll up their sleeves and get to work. In both cases, parents can rely on the fact that they have a trustworthy partner when it comes to children’s room design. This is the Danish children’s furniture manufacturer Oliver Furniture, who constantly impresses us with high quality and design!

oliver furniture letter pillow

Decorate your children’s room with the letter pillows and create a cozy atmosphere there!

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to children’s room furniture from Oliver Furniture. Their offer is rich and varied, it starts with baby beds and goes through loft and bunk beds to children’s room cupboards, tables and chairs. Here you will find everything that the heart of young and old desires! And even something else. The pieces of furniture from Oliver Furniture show a versatile and perfectly thought-out furniture concept. These pieces of jewelry for your little ones look very charming and yet a bit reserved. All pieces of furniture for the children’s room are made in Scandinavian style and bring Nordic simplicity and elegance directly into your home! Their colors, designs and design details are unmistakably perfect and evoke wonderful feelings and associations. Clear lines and a lot of white make you dream of beautiful Nordic landscapes and hear the sound of the sea in your own four walls! This children’s room furniture is designed so perfectly that it can be easily combined with all other furnishing styles.

There are currently two furniture collections from the Danish manufacturer on offer, which surprise us with their sophistication and versatility. These are the Seaside Collection and the Wood Collection. In the first you will find children’s room furniture all in white and in the second there are pieces of furniture with an urban touch, the design of which is reminiscent of the furnishing style of the 50s.
Before we look at the selected picture examples, we would like to name two reasons why you should choose children’s room furniture from Oliver Furniture for your children’s room furnishings. In addition to the impressive design and first-class quality, the safety and functionality of the furniture are also very important at Oliver Furniture.

Sustainable and safe furniture for the little ones


This furniture set for the children’s room emphasizes the Scandinavian designs by Oliver Furniture

The beautiful children’s furniture is simply unbeatable in terms of safety and sustainability. When designing the models, all EU rules for the safety and health of the little ones are taken into account. The production is tested regularly and complies with EU standards and guidelines.
When it comes to environmental protection and sustainability, the Danish furniture manufacturer is also very high. Birch and ash wood, which comes from sustainable forestry, is predominantly used in production. All woods are certified and produced in Europe. Possible toxins are totally excluded, because you only need water-based paints and even environmentally friendly furniture packaging.

Design and functionality go hand in hand


A practical shelf made of white wooden panels is a great piece of jewelry for the girl’s room – romantic and practical at the same time!

The elegant Scandinavian design is certainly the number one reason for many parents to buy Oliver Furniture. But there is another strong argument for it and that is the functionality of the children’s furniture. These are sure to please your little ones for years to come. The models can be redesigned so that they “grow” with your children! For example, a bunk bed can easily be converted into a youth bed that your children who have grown up can continue to use.
Now scroll down and admire the products from Oliver Furniture in peace! Let yourself be convinced and inspired again by their excellent characteristics!


This chest of drawers in white and wood could be of use to you


Let your baby dream beautifully and grow healthily in this Oliver Furniture bed!


A fabulous loft bed from the Seaside collection offers plenty of space to play and study in addition to its sleeping function.


An extra curtain for the children’s loft bed in pink brings a romantic flair into the room.

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