Oliver Lapp

Oliver Lapp and His Company LAPP Systems

LAPP Systems specialises in engineering, designing and building wiring harnesses and boxbuild solutions for future-oriented industries such as wind/solar energy production, microchip production, pharmaceuticals and emobility. LAPP also provides standard and highly flexible cables, industrial connectors and screw technology as well as customized system solutions and technical accessories to complete its services portfolio.

Chester Lapp married Phoebe Elizabeth Yerington (nee Mackey) on September 6, 1896 in their wedding place and had three children from this union.

Early Life and Education

Oliver has already accomplished much despite being relatively young. He oversaw Harvard’s finances through an ongoing recession and pandemic, enhanced educational research efforts, partnered with teachers to better understand student learning patterns, and oversaw their financial obligations through tough economic conditions.

As well as serving on the editorial boards of several academic journals, Dr. Lapp earned his PhD in history from University of California Berkeley. Although busy, Dr. Lapp remained engaged with family and friends. He leaves behind his wife Patricia; children Clifford Lapp and Wesley Lapp; grandchildren Nathaniel, Jolanta, and Zan Lapp; sister-in-laws/daughters-by-marriage as well as many cherished nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Nicholas Lapp is known for his passion in dance. After graduating from UA, he joined Jellybean Dance Collective and booked their inaugural professional gig at the 2022 World Games Birmingham.

As well as his participation on the Coyote program, he is an integral member of UA baseball, making varsity as a freshman in 2021. Expect him to remain an integral force within it for years to come.

John A. Lapp of Goshen is his only sibling; while Mary Swartley from Lansdale and David Lapp Guengerich from Harrisonburg are his other siblings; along with six grandchildren: Greta, Naomi, Maggie Edwin Oliver Jaiel he has many nieces and nephews to keep him company!

Achievement and Honors

Lapp was part of an elite group of scientists – led by Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard – involved with developing nuclear chain reactions for World War II’s Manhattan Project. After Congress established the Atomic Energy Commission in 1946, Lapp became assistant laboratory director at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago as well as liaison to military applications of nuclear energy.

He helped develop underground fallout shelters, advised people on radiation exposure limits, advocated against arms buildsups, and promoted nuclear power as an environmentally safe alternative to fossil fuels. He wrote 20 books including “Atoms and People” published in 1956 and “Radiation: What It Is and How It Affects You” co-written with Jack Schubert published in 1957 – these became widely read due to his ability to translate scientific information into mainstream narrative form.

Personal Life

Michael loved spending time with his family: his wife, four children and two grandchildren were the focus of his attention and affection. Michael always put others before himself – that legacy remains today.

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Helen Lapp was a dedicated member of St. Francis Catholic Church in Elizabethtown and lifelong resident of Theora Drive. She leaves behind her 58 year-old husband Samuel Lapp; sons George Lapp Yoder from Lansdale and Anthony Lapp from Elizabethtown; granddaughters Greta Lapp Klassen and Naomi Lapp Klassen as well as nieces Fern Burrel and Shirl Bowers as heirs to her legacy.

Net Worth

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