Oliver Loungefly

Oliver Loungefly Backpack From Loungefly

Loungefly’s mini backpack features Oliver brought to life through embroidery and applique, part of its latest collection inspired by Robin Hood and Oliver and Company. It boasts a blue collar concealing an Oliver-themed zipper pocket. Made of vegan-friendly faux leather with printed and embroidered details.

Net Worth

Oliver Loungefly, known by his social media handle OL Loungefly, is a TikTok celebrity and social media influencer with over one million followers on the platform. He became widely-followed for uploading lip-synch videos of popular pop songs onto TikTok and posting lip-synch content he uploaded onto YouTube with more than 456k subscribers and one Instagram account with 1.5 million followers. The 21-year-old runs two channels — YouTube with over 456k subcribers as well as TikTok accounts with millions of viewers watching lip-synch videos — for audiences around the world and then joined TikTok with two separate accounts — YouTube with over 456k subcribers as well as running social media accounts on both platforms that he manages separately with other content creation he has become well-known as TikTak stars like Oliver Loungefly (aka). Oliver Loungefly also runs both accounts with Instagram with 1.5 million followers!

Funko acquired Loungefly in 2017 with Baca and DeSilva joining as vice presidents of business development and merchandising and creative vice president, respectively, two years later. These individuals revolutionized the company by improving quality while cutting costs such as creating size inclusive straps with intricate details for added dimension and restricting third party sellers.

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