Oliver Reservoir

Oliver Reservoir Offers a 270-Acre Lake

Oliver Reservoir is a 917-acre recreational area featuring a two-level lake of 270 acres that’s home to walleye, northern pike, crappie, bluegill and yellow perch fish species.

Larry Stahla will present an overview of the park and Save the Lake organization, and provide insight into its rec area, featuring 75 pad sites and 100 non-pad camping sites with 130 picnic tables, 142 grills and two shelters.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Reservoir State Recreation Area boasts 917-acres and 270-acre lake and is the sole water-based recreational facility in the Southwest Panhandle. With various species such as largemouth bass, channel catfish, white crappie, walleye sunfish and limited rainbow trout available for fishing at this facility.

Lakes are multi-use recreation sites that serve boaters, water skiers and anglers who use its waters. Therefore, special rules and regulations exist that must be observed by all lake users.

Lake Kimball can be found eight miles west of Kimball on Highway 30. There are 48 campsites with fire pits and overflow sites without pits available to campers, free to use but donations for park upkeep are welcome and appreciated.

Professional Career

Oliver Reservoir, situated eight miles west of Kimball on Hwy 30 and covering 917 acres with a 270 acre lake, is owned and managed by Southwest Panhandle Natural Resources District for multifunctional use, offering water-based recreational opportunities as well as agricultural and environmental advantages.

Oliver has dedicated much of his professional career to TRRP’s restoration projects, serving as engineering analysis/design, modeling, technical planning and representing USBR on its Channel Rehabilitation Work Group core membership team. Additionally he was an instructor at University of California – Davis for six years where he also co-authored multiple papers while actively engaged with geophysical exploration projects all around the globe. Oliver’s extensive industry experience lies within structural interpretation, stratigraphic analysis and reservoir delineation among other things.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Reservoir Recreation Area offers an ideal camping and socializing destination near Kimball in Nebraska’s panhandle region. Boasting 917 acres with 270 acre lake perfect for boating, swimming and fishing activities – there’s sure to be something fun happening here for every season of camping, recreation and relaxation!

Mullins holds 135 US patents, garnering recognition with the SPE Wireline Technology Gold Medal Award in 2015 for his pioneering work in reservoir fluid analysis (DFA). Additionally, he served as associate editor of SPE Journal as well as numerous committees and event boards of SPE as chair, co-chair, member or keynote speaker.

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Personal Life

Oliver Reservoir is a beloved lake destination, beloved by campers, fishermen and recreational boaters alike. This 270-acre reservoir near Kimball offers watersport activities galore.

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Net Worth

Oliver Reservoir in Columbus, Georgia, is an increasingly popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. Offering walleye, catfish, crappie, northern pike and largemouth bass species as well as camping and other recreational activities. Additionally, it serves as the municipal water supply of Columbus while dense settlement exists both Georgia and Alabama shorelines; Green Island Hills’ residential community at Standing Boy Creek.

Kimball County Reservoir provides the ideal setting for fishing enthusiasts interested in muskie and northern pike to catch fish, and also features numerous well-marked campsites with number camping sites.

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