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Jamie Siminoff – American Entrepreneur and Inventor

Jamie Siminoff is an award-winning American entrepreneur and inventor, having co-founded Ring, which was then purchased by Amazon in 2018. Additionally, he made an appearance on reality television show Shark Tank as well.

He created a video doorbell, enabling people to see who’s at their door via smartphone. Together with his wife Erin, they have a son named Oliver who suffers from galactosemia – an extremely rare genetic disease affecting lactose processing abilities.

Early Life and Education

As a young boy, Siminoff took an interest in technology. His parents enrolled him in local computer camps to provide him with tools for experimentation and creation. Siminoff attended public comprehensive high school before going on to receive his entrepreneurial degree at Babson College.

Siminoff created Doorbot in 2012 as a home security product connected to your smartphone that records video footage of anyone at your doorstep and connects directly to it via smartphone app. He later rebranded this business as Ring and attracted investors such as Virgin Group’s billionaire Richard Branson as investors.

Erin Lindsey Siminoff and Oliver are his immediate family, working at Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation where she offers much support of his business ideas. They live happily together and often post updates about real life couple goals on social media.

Professional Career

Jamie Siminoff is an American entrepreneur and inventor who founded Ring in 2013. Through their smart-camera enabled doorbells, Ring’s products have helped reduce crime in neighborhoods across the US.

Tinkerers are active participants in many social and charitable organizations. Additionally, jogging allows him to clear his head and hone innovation.

He also appeared on the reality show Shark Tank, where he sought $70,000 of investors in exchange for 10% of his company. Although four sharks rejected him outright, Kevin O’Leary offered him a complex loan which he rejected instead.

On October 7, 2006, he and Erin Lindsey tied the knot and have since lived happily together – raising Oliver together in Los Angeles, California.

Achievement and Honors

One of Siminoff’s greatest contributions has been his creation of Ring, a home security company which has revolutionized home protection. Over time, Ring has grown into a multi-product enterprise and even made an appearance on popular television show Shark Tank.

Though he did not receive investment on the show, Siminoff’s pitch and innovative product quickly caught the interest of viewers and industry professionals alike. Amazon’s acquisition of Ring further solidified Siminoff’s position as an accomplished entrepreneur.

Siminoff is not only the founder and CEO of Ring, but he is also founder and CEO of Edison Junior Design Laboratory and has served as advisor at stock music provider Audio Micro since 2010. Furthermore, he is a shareholder in Qwiki as well as investor in water damage prevention firm Flo Technologies.

Personal Life

Siminoff’s life isn’t all work and no play, however; he’s also a loving husband and father with one special little guy named Oliver as his pride-and-joy.

Siminoff invented the Ring doorbell as an attempt to solve a personal dilemma: He wanted a doorbell connected with his phone that wasn’t readily available on the market. In 2013, he appeared on business reality television show Shark Tank to market “DoorBot,” yet unfortunately received no offers and left without making a deal.

Siminoff attributes his success with creating the Wi-Fi enabled doorbell to his wife Erin’s support and thanks her for inspiring him. Without her help and enthusiasm he states that it never would have existed.

Net Worth

An American entrepreneur estimated at having an estimated net worth of $400 Million, Siminoff invented the Ring doorbell that allows people to remotely monitor their homes remotely and also founded EdisonJr and NobelBiz. He has one son named Oliver who suffers from galactosemia – a rare genetic disorder.

Siminoff was known for his inquisitive nature, which enabled him to launch several successful businesses without needing venture capital investors. PhoneTag, his voicemail-to-text transcription technology company, was sold off without further investment to Ditech Networks for $17 Million in 2009.

Siminoff made his initial appearance on Shark Tank to sell his WiFi doorbell dubbed DoorBot in 2013. Unfortunately, he could not convince any of the Sharks to invest $700,000. Instead he left without getting their investment and later changed the product name to Ring which was eventually purchased by Amazon for over $1 billion.

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