Oliver Taherzadeh

Oliver Taherzadeh – Ecological Economist

Oliver’s research focuses on the environmental risks food systems face and create, with particular reference to global scale issues. This involves analysing supply chain sustainability risk impact as well as devising practical frameworks which serve to facilitate dialogue, harmonize reporting and catalyze action between business, national and international monitoring and reporting processes. Oliver served as an SEI York intern during 2015-2016 in its Measure What Matters project.

Professional Career

Oliver is an Ecological Economist with expertise in global environmental footprinting and sustainable supply chain management. He conducts research on international food supply chains’ risk impacts while creating practical frameworks that facilitate dialogue, harmonize reporting, and catalyse action from actors along the supply-chain, policy makers and marginalised groups to advance UN Sustainable Development Goals. While at SEI York Oliver served as Project Coordinator of its Sustainable Consumption & Production (SCP) group.

Taherzadeh recently found himself in hot water when he began tweeting about a judge overseeing his case, according to the Dallas Morning News. Even though this judge instructed Taherzadeh not to post anything online about them or themselves, Taherzadeh ignored his orders and his tweets resulted in him facing criminal stalking charges that led to jail time.

He has now been released from prison.

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