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Oliver specializes in domestic and international tax issues, M&A transactions, private equity deals and real estate matters. Prior to this role, Oliver worked at one of Germany’s premier law firms where his focus was transaction law.

John Oliver covered all the intricate details surrounding tax breaks for the rich on Last Week Tonight last week. These details can often be dull but Oliver excels at turning them into compelling discussions.

Early Life and Education

Early experiences of children can have an immense effect on who they become as adults. Their brain is especially susceptible during this stage, so healthy relationships between adults and children must be fostered for its wellbeing.

John Oliver has long been an advocate for children, and was pivotal in convincing the government to introduce the soft drinks levy. Now he wants these millions raised from this tax to go towards providing free school meals to over 800,000 more children in England.

John Oliver has an avid interest in law and has written articles for newspapers on various legal topics. He teaches courses in corporate taxation, federal income taxation, torts law and more at University of Alabama where he holds the Francis E. Hare Visiting Chair in Tort Law.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has received numerous accolades and awards for his work. These include receiving the Matthew Shepard Foundation Humanitarian of the Year Award as well as being named as one of Time magazine’s “Most Fun People in Show Business.” Additionally, Oliver earned a British Comedy Guild award for Best Entertainment Host.

Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver has lamented the “wealth gap,” which he states has resulted in one percent of Americans controlling 20% of annual income, as well as policies which disproportionately benefit wealthier interests, such as estate taxes or trust loopholes.

BOMA Georgia Foundation established an endowment fund in John Oliver’s honor as an act of recognition of his professional contributions to real estate industry. Proceeds from this fund are used to support real estate education through scholarships and research programs.

Personal Life

Oliver often highlights how wealthy individuals and corporations go to great lengths to minimize their tax burden, often by shifting money overseas instead of returning it home through direct tax reduction legislation like TCJA’s corporate tax cut. Last week he noted how this allows firms to continue stashing away wealth overseas while rewarding shareholders rather than returning it home as the American tax system demands.

He noted how, despite his criticisms of the IRS’ handling of tax-exempt churches, similar loopholes that allow donors to give to televangelists and take deductions on federal income taxes would also benefit more affluent taxpayers who don’t itemize deductions – something which was perfectly acceptable with him: in 2015 he and Kate Norley Oliver bought a $9.5 million Manhattan penthouse known as Hoagie’s Place.

Net Worth

Oliver is a business graduate with extensive expertise in global transfer pricing. His duties encompass transfer pricing advisory services, dispute resolution and prevention (APAs, ICAP and JCAP), international tax consulting for multinational health science and wellness companies as well as tax advisory for tax experts in other industries.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver spent much of his show mocking the ways large corporations try to avoid paying taxes, while noting how President Donald Trump’s tax reform proposals would disproportionately favor those in higher income brackets.

Ironically, Oliver and his wife used an estate planning loophole in 2015 to conceal their purchase of a Manhattan penthouse for $9.5 million. According to The Observer, they hired an expensive New York law firm known for helping 1 percenters find tax breaks and purchase real estate.

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