Oliver Tea

Oliver Tea

Oliver Tea brings the Boston Tea Party back into modernity by offering strong-flavored teas in beautifully presented tins. Each tin contains one of the East India Company teas thrown into Boston Harbor on that fateful night in 1773; all contain moderate levels of caffeine and include Charles Dickens bookmarks with brewing instructions for easy enjoyment!

Early Life and Education

Oliver began performing stand-up comedy shortly after moving to New York City and has appeared in multiple television programs such as Community on NBC and Important Things with Demetri Martin on Comedy Central.

Oliver attended South Bend Central High School and Mrs. Davis’ Finishing School in New York City before enrolling at Finch College to graduate. Oliver married Gertrude Wells Cunningham in 1914 who shared his interest in education and civic work.

She was delicate, thoughtful and sensitive – qualities which also defined her children. She was an accomplished cook, hostess and socialite; golf became one of her favorite hobbies; she actively managed her family’s trusts and estates and was an active member of Presbyterian Church.

Professional Career

Oliver has investigated numerous instances of border patrol corruption, such as when she investigated a case involving a border patrol agent whose safe was discovered to contain $89,000 cash, commemorative badges, drugs and weapons with the name of a Gulf cartel member inside.

Oliver draws inspiration from Antonie van Leeuwenhoek’s tireless curiosity regarding life under a microscope: water, cow optic nerves, sperm, vermin, bark, blood and even earwax were amongst his subjects of study.

Achievement and Honors

Women of Oliver for Women (WOW) is a community organization that organizes the annual Trade Show, Senior’s Anniversary Tea and Gleaners Roots and Fruits Talent Event as well as maintaining McKinney Place entrance gardens and Oliver Vaccination Clinic entrance gardens. WOW has won multiple awards including Gairdner Award and 2001 Lasker Award.

This Boston-based company offers hand-packed tins of five historic East India Company teas that were dumped into Boston Harbor during the 1773 Boston Tea Party. These exquisite designs make an excellent present for history buffs or anyone who appreciates tea!

Personal Life

Oliver Tea, an author and musician residing with his wife in Charleston, South Carolina, enjoys live music concerts, camping with his family and a satisfying cup of tea. Additionally, Oliver takes great pride in being actively engaged with community politics in Charleston.

Long a supporter of the arts, he has donated generously to numerous charitable causes. Additionally, he has held board positions with both local and regional organizations.

Oliver has long admired Charles Darwin for his lifelong fascination and admiration of scientific curiosity. He believes scientists should never fear jumping from one subject to the next in pursuit of answers; Van Leeuwenhoek exhibited this trait by investigating everything from water, to cow optic nerves; vermin in grain stores, clay from chalk cliffs, bark blood skin earwax vomit among many other subjects!

Net Worth

Oliver Tea carries his father’s passion for business and entrepreneurship into everything that he does, which can be seen by his work. He is widely-renowned for his successful restaurant chain and other ventures. Through smart decision making, Oliver has amassed one of the greatest fortunes ever known – one which now makes him one of the richest individuals on Earth.

His numerous cookbooks promote cooking with organic ingredients and have become standard practice at several of his restaurants. Furthermore, he advocates for slow food as part of an alternative food movement.

Tea Guys, founded and owned by him, sells unique blends such as Lemon Coriander Juniper Tea that has proven popular with customers. Additionally, his fixed salary per season stands at approximately $6.2 Million.

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