Oliver Thylmann

Oliver Thylmann

Oliver Thylmann is an entrepreneur and investor. In 2003 he co-founded Manwin (now MindGeek) – then one of the largest pornography sites worldwide at that time – before selling his stake in October 2013.

Now he serves as co-founder of Giant Swarm, which offers developers the ability to deploy software using containers.

Early Life and Education

Thylmann hails from Cologne, Germany. He attended the University of Cologne to study computer science. As co-founder of Giant Swarm – a 60-person SaaS company providing managed microservice infrastructure to large enterprises – as well as being an active entrepreneur starting several businesses – Thylmann remains dedicated to legal use only; any misuse may incur criminal and civil penalties including possible revocation of access rights; all activity on this system is continuously monitored, recorded, audited and reviewed for integrity purposes.

Professional Career

Oliver Thylmann, co-founder of Ligatus, Ormigo and AdCloud is an energetic serial entrepreneur with an interest in digital technology. His companies have made him well-known within Kolner Startup-Szene; moreover he stands out as an advocate of open communication at Giant Swarm he co-founded with Pawel Kopiczko in Cologne; its 24 employees are spread throughout Europe but mostly communicate using chat apps.

Thylmann is known to invest in startups from around the world. His latest venture, Giant Swarm is a container platform providing microservice infrastructure. This enables developers to deploy their software quickly without having to think about servers; simplifying lives while adding value. Removing barriers is what I believe in.

Personal Life

Fabian Thylmann was born on 5 June 1978 and made his fortune as co-founder and managing partner of Manwin, an Internet pornography conglomerate. In October 2013, he sold his share to another entity before moving back to Belgium where he has become an angel investor for young startups as well as running his Co-Working & Incubation space, SN-Cube.

He is also the founder of Catalyst Zero, an idea generation, software development, and product management firm. With extensive business experience as well as a strong technical background, he offers valuable advice.

Passionate about technology and willing to take risks to reach his goals, he’s currently channeling all his efforts into Giant Swarm – a startup which allows programmers to deploy apps and websites quickly using containers.

Net Worth

Thylmann amassed his fortune through developing software known as NATS for adult webmasters to track traffic and earnings, revolutionizing the industry while earning him millions that enabled him to acquire websites as part of becoming a prolific porn kingpin.

He is best known for co-founding Ligatus and Ormigo as well as starting Adcloud, a performance advertising firm. In 2012, he was extradited from Belgium to Germany on suspicion of tax evasion; however, he denies doing anything illegal to avoid paying his due taxes.

He currently resides in Germany with his wife and two children, while continuing his work as an angel investor for young Startups located in Brussels, Belgium – including running coworking spaces and incubator spaces there – in addition to operating an angel investment group called Giant Swarm, which offers microservice infrastructure solutions.

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