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Oliver Timothy Olyphant Passes Away

Students were shocked to hear the news that Dr. Timothy Oliver and Rebecca, his wife, would be departing Arkansas State University to take jobs at Ole Miss in July. They expressed sadness in this news and offered support as the transition occurred.

Tim’s current research interests center around Brexit, UK politics and government, London and global cities, international relations and security. He has spoken on these subjects at numerous public events, universities and think tanks; additionally he serves as Research Director at TRD Policy.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Timothy, commonly referred to by students as “Red,” was an exceptional individual who brought great pride to his family and community. He will be deeply missed by many; his interests included camping, hiking the Appalachian Trail and Frisbee golf; as well as loving his Dallas Cowboys team and spending time with loved ones. He will always remain remembered fondly.

He was an ardent student of agriculture, taking in all the latest techniques from journals while testing new crops and livestock. Additionally, he advocated for increased experimentation among farmers as well as more sophisticated methods.

Rebecca Oliver has worked at A-State for 16 years and will miss him. She hopes that whoever replaces him can foster the same collaborative environment. They have two children; one attends Ole Miss as a senior, while their younger child studies at A-State as a junior.

Professional Career

Tim provides counsel on business and securities litigation and arbitration matters. He has successfully represented clients before federal courts and various arbitration panels throughout the country, and has extensive experience handling complex investigations by regulatory bodies like SEC, FINRA, and state securities commissions.

He has found great satisfaction in working in his collaborative office nook, which features mid-century modern aesthetics and forest print wallpaper. She feels especially accomplished when accomplishing long-term goals such as finishing her degree or renovating the house.

Tim helps his business clients navigate the legal obstacles to creating, expanding and maintaining successful enterprises. He understands the risks that arise in dealing with disputes over time and helps his clients prepare for unexpected situations by drafting organizational documents and negotiating deals.

Achievement and Honors

Tim has been writing and serving as creative consultant on over 30 books for clients such as Chick-fil-A, Q Ideas, the Gospel Coalition, Patheos, Acculturated, Allume Conference, Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), as well as churches across America – which has inspired millions.

Tim’s success did not stem from any inheritance or nepotism; it came through hard work, studying hard, taking calculated risks, and working closely with his community by offering eye screenings to local students.

Tim and Rebecca Oliver’s move from Arkansas State to Ole Miss has come as a shock for students, many of whom will miss their dedication and support as directors of bands and honors college director respectively. Their departure was met with shock among peers.

Personal Life

Timothy Olyphant, best known for playing Kentucky Marshal Raylan Givens on FX’s Justified, is an attentive father and husband with an affinity for video games and baseball. Hailing from Troy, New York – Timothy attended LaSalle Institute prior to entering Hollywood.

He has extensive experience in higher education. He received his doctorate in music education from Florida State University and master’s in counseling from Truman State University of Kirksville Missouri. Additionally, both Rebecca Oliver and he have been employed at Arkansas State University for 16 years.

He has been active in his community, volunteering for various projects. Along with his wife and three children, Boss is their family pet dog. Additionally, playing guitar and traveling are two hobbies that bring great enjoyment for him as well as his deep interest in politics and international affairs.

Net Worth

He was born on the 22nd of July 1988 in Berlin, Germany and currently enjoys having over one million followers across TikTok and Instagram. Currently based out of California with his wife.

Tim has appeared in various movies and TV shows over time. Additionally, he’s provided voice work for several popular games such as Deadwood for three seasons as well as playing Raylan Givens from FX’s hit show Justified.

Timothy has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million during his professional career, owning his own house and car while working in the entertainment industry for 19 years now as Executive Vice President/CFO of NCR Corporation.

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